Your Menstrual Cycle and Ways to Control It: How to Reduce Menstruation

Your Menstrual Cycle and Ways to Control It: Reduce MenstruationEveryone knows menstrual cycles are a normal part of any healthy woman’s life. But that doesn’t mean they have to like it. Beginning at around age 12, women spend the majority of their lives dreading their monthly period and the pain, discomfort and sometimes emotional issues that often accompanies it. So long as the woman stays fertile, she will continue to menstruate, making it a bit of a mixed blessing indeed. For that time period, her cycle will occur every 28 to 34 days, with the menstrual bleeding lasting between 3 and 7.

Stopping the Menstrual Cycle

Obviously, there are many reasons a woman would want to cease her menstrual cycle prematurely or at least lessen its severity without impacting fertility. Other women have serious issues like Menorrhagia during menstruation that they wish to put an end to once and for all. Of course women who have no desire to give birth have very little reason to continue with their periods.

One option many women choose is to go on birth control pills. Even those women who are not interested in using the medication for family planning needs may opt to take birth control simply for its effects in lessening the severity of their menstrual cycle. There can be side effects, of course, which often depends on the specific medication being used.

Natural Ways of Curtailing Menstruation

There a few natural methods that are said to have a positive effect on the pain and discomfort that accompanies a woman’s’ menstrual cycle. For example, many women swear by taking their fingers and moving them on their breasts in a circular motion. They start from their nipples and work to the outside of their breasts. Both clockwise and counterclockwise motions are used. But one hand always goes one way, with the other going the opposite. Do this 200 times on a regular basis and it is said that your menstruation will cease on its own. As you may have guessed, there is no scientific study that backs this method, so you may experience varying degrees of success.

Others swear by rigorous exercise. It is believed that the demands that are put on a woman’s body through physical exercise actually reduces the amount of bleeding they go through during their period. Female athletes have provided an interesting case study in the matter. Because they have less body fat from their workout routines, they also produce less estrogen. Estrogen, if you don’t already know, is the female hormone that controls the menstrual cycle. Furthermore, working out can raise the amount of testosterone, the male hormone, in a woman’s body. The combination of these factors can either greatly reduce or even stop the occurrence of menstruation in a woman. Examples of rigorous exercise would include weightlifting, swimming, jogging, etc.

Using Herbs to Tackle Your Menstrual Cycle

Another method many women opt for is using herbs, especially Chinese ones, which are said to have a positive impact on the menstrual cycle. Angelica root is one example. It is known to many as the “female ginseng” because it’s used as a treatment for a woman’s menstrual pains. Many also believe it can be used to flat-out stop menstruation too. For ages, Chinese medicine has called for Angelica root for all kinds of treatments aimed at female reproductive organs. For its part, Angelica root can help a woman keep her hormone levels in balance, which can ultimately stop her menstruation.

You can also give raspberry tea try. As the tea constricts body tissue, it can also stop menstruation from happening. Furthermore, drinking tea alleviates much of the pain associated with the abdominal cramping that many feel when they have their period. Fortunately, preparation is simple. All you need to do is purchase either dried or fresh raspberry leaves. Simmer these in 2 cups of water for a few minutes and then let the concoction cool down. When it has, you simply sip the tea two or three times throughout the day. Not only does it taste good, it can have truly beneficial effects during your period as well.

When you’re experiencing heavy flows, consider garden sage or lady mantle. Mix a teaspoon of either in one cup of water. Then boil the solution for a couple minutes or so. Once you’ve done that let it steep and cool. Add honey if it helps with the taste.

Lastly, you can use shepherd’s purse. This herb has anti-hemorrhagic components. If you didn’t experience beneficial effects from the last two, try this one to stem heavy flows.

Even though it’s a natural part of being a woman, there’s no law that says you have to enjoy menstruating or not doing anything about it. Consider the above remedies to help go through your cycle or speak to your physician if you believe further methods are necessary.

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