What Is A Calcified Bruise? Treatment For Calcified Hematoma

What Is A Calcified Bruise? Treatment For Calcified HematomaIdentifying And Treating Calcified Bruises And Hematomas
A bruise is caused by blood collecting in a particular area due to injury. In situations that end with injuring yourself, the blood vessels may wind up being damaged. This creates an extravasation of blood, which can lead to bruising or hematoma. In normal circumstances, your hematoma will generally be resolved, with the extravagated blood getting absorbed. Unfortunately, there are some cases in which calcium and various salts are deposited in the hematoma. This results in a calcified bruise.

Treating A Calcified Bruise
When the blood vessels are damaged through injury, internal bleeding can occur. This leads to blood and fluids accumulating in the interstitial spaces. This bruise can become painful, depending on the severity of the damaged tissue and the level of internal bleeding. Our bodies typically handle this by using its internal systems to absorb the fluids that have built up in the interstitial spaces.

However, some people suffer from an ailment known as calcinosis. This leads to calcium phosphate accumulating and clumping in the tissue of your body.

The most well-known aspect of any type of calcinosis is dystrophic calcification. This is established through calcium deposits accumulating and depositing in the damaged or injured soft tissue.

There are several ways to treat calcified hematoma:

  • Ice packs can be applied to the area which is experiencing the most pain and discomfort from calcium deposits. It can also temporarily immobilize the damaged area, which can aid in recovering more quickly.
  • Bring down the amount of calcium in your daily diet. Calcium supplements should be avoided in circumstances such as these.
  • Bring up your intake of water. When you drink a reasonable amount of water each day, you will be able to flush out the salts and calcium that has built up a formidable presence in your body.
  • There are a few homeopathic remedies that are worth considering. These include Bryonia Alba, Rhuta, and Rhus Tox. All of these medicines have proven to be effective for preventing calcification of bruises, while also hastening the speed with which the extravagated liquid is absorbed.
  • A cortisone injection can be extremely effective in the more serious cases.

It is also a good idea to take certain precautions while healing. A modified assortment of moving exercises can aid in the reduction of joint stiffening. Calcium deposits will decrease, and mobility will improve.

If your calcified hematoma isn’t healing properly, consult a doctor.

What Is A Calcified Bruise? Treatment For Calcified Hematoma
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