What Are The Main Causes Of Inflamed Uvula And Its Treatments

What Are The Main Causes Of Inflamed Uvula And Its TreatmentsWhat is an Inflamed Uvula?
An inflamed Uvula occurs when the uvula, the part that hangs down in the back of your mouth, becomes swollen. This condition can cause discomfort and make things such as talking and swallowing. It can also create a sensation of gagging if it gets inflamed enough to touch the back of the tongue or throat. People with an inflamed uvula may also experience a fever, redness of the uvula and the surrounding area, or change in their voice.

An allergic reaction is a common cause of an inflamed uvula. Food allergies such as peanut allergies or fish allergies are common culprits and this occurs almost instantly when contact has been made with the allergen. It is also possible to get an infection that irritates the uvula; people who breathe through their mouths a lot are more prone to picking up an infection. This is why people often experience problems when they have been dealing with nasal congestion. Another cause of irritation is something very simple, dehydration. Last, but not least, acid reflux can be a significant cause of uvula irritation.

Is there a Treatment?
There is hope! If you are experiencing discomfort from this condition, there are things you can do for relief. There are many homeopathic drugs available on the market today that are very effective. These are particularly useful if the condition is caused by another illness such as a respiratory problem.

Lemon juice combined with honey, perhaps in a bit of warm water to make a “tea” is also a good way to help ease the pain and irritation. In fact, there are several home remedies that work very well to relieve the discomfort of an inflamed uvula. Another one is to combine jaggary and turmeric. The two easiest remedies for this condition are very straight forward: Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated. By providing your body with healthy foods to use as fuel, it can properly ward off illnesses and repair itself much more quickly than if you fill it fool of nutritionally empty foods such as fast food or processed foods.

Hydration is also very important. The human body cannot function properly if it is not properly hydrated. Many people believe they experience headaches and extreme fatigue from their hectic lifestyle, when in reality it is in fact that they are dehydrated. Staying hydrated will help your cells renew as they are supposed to and will actually increase your energy levels as well.

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