Vitamins for Women: Best Multivitamins – Nutrition Facts

Vitamins for Women: Best Multivitamins - Nutrition FactsThe career-oriented family woman needs to stay on top of her health in order to be her best, here is what is needed to be on your game.

What You Need to Take in to Be Your Best
1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A will improve your eyesight and is even rumored to slow the aging process who wouldn’t want that? In order to ensure your vitamin A intake, make sure that you include eggs, milk, spinach and kale.

2. Vitamin D
This Vitamin is attributed to warding off breast cancer. It is an essential nutrient found in milk, eggs and fatty fish like salmon. This vitamin alleviates depression and PMS so when the pressure is on, have Vitamin D in your corner.

3. Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 has many benefits and is one of best vitamins for maintaining a healthy glucose level and provides many benefits for a well-functioning immune system, along with heart health and warding off depression. You can find Vitamin B6 in beans, avocado, seeds, bananas and fish. There is no doubt about it, Vitamin B6 packs a punch when it comes to health benefits.

4. Vitamin E
For anti-aging and skin rejuvenating qualities, you can’t beat Vitamin E. It also goes a long way to warding off various kinds of cancer, cataracts and heart ailments. In order to sure sure that you are getting your fair share of good skin, hair and nails, you can find this vitamin in nuts, seeds and corn oil.

5. Vitamin B-12
If you are worried about your metabolism, Vitamin B-12 may be your assurance. This essential nutrient is also the chief vitamin in charge of emotional health and balance. B-12 is proven to help to improve memory and overall brain function so this is the one to stay on your game with. You can find Vitamin B-12 in dairy, eggs, meat and fish.

6. Vitamin C
Your mother was right, Vitamin C is what you need for a healthy immune system. If you want to stay out of the sick bed and take care of your family, make sure you eat citrus fruits and strawberries. These are easy foods to grab in the morning for breakfast.

7. Thiamine
Otherwise known as Vitamin B-1, this is the right nutrient for a healthy nervous system and efficient metabolism. You can find this vitamin in nuts, seeds and beans, along with whole grains.

Vitamins for Women: Best Multivitamins – Nutrition Facts
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