Top Sex Positions that are Fat-Burning Exercises

Top Sex Positions that are Fat-Burning ExercisesThe amount of calories that one can burn during sexual activity has been long debated. Here are a few positions to try in order to up your game in the bedroom and get a workout in as well. We all know that sex makes you feel good, now it can help you look good as well.

The Biped
If you lack room or just want to try something new, engaging while standing up benefits the glutes and the core muscle group. Holding on tight involves the arms and upper body also.

Put Some Bark into it
One of the most popular positions, “doggy style” heightens the pleasure of both parties. It also improves muscle tone in the legs, glutes and core of both partners for an added benefit.

Save a Horse
“Girl on top” or Cowgirl engages abdominal muscles, especially the pelvic floor in women. Not only does it increase the chances of orgasm in women, but it improves stamina and quad strength.

Over Troubled Waters
This yoga position requires a greater fitness and flexibility level to pull of, but it does have great sexual and fitness benefits if you are willing to try it. The bridge yoga position for the woman works the arms, abdominals and upper leg muscle groups including the glutes.

Try a Wheelbarrow
Yes, it looks just like you are thinking. It takes some added arm and leg strength on the part of the man to support the woman, but it can be fun to try and packs a wallop for maximum calorie burn.

When Plain Old Can Be Beneficial
The easiest, most widely used sexual position can serve to produce added fitness benefits if it is done correctly. The next you find yourself in the mood for missionary, contract the glutes during sexual activity. This will add to the chances of orgasm for the woman and will sculpt the overall gluteal muscle group. Slightly lifting the lower back will also work the core while you are “working it.”

A Great Leg Exercise and More
You’ll never look at lunges the same way again after you try this one. The lunge position does all of the same things that it would do for you as a regular exercise except you have a spotter underneath you, so to speak. You will achieve a killer burn in your quads and glutes and hopefully have a satisfied glow afterwards.

Top Sex Positions that are Fat-Burning Exercises
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