Top 5 Home Remedies for Acne

Top 5 Home Remedies for AcneEveryone wants their skin to look its best, including clear and acne free. Pimples have a way of rearing their ugly head when least expect them to, usually before an important event or big date. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a fortune trying to remove the latest breakouts from your skin. When over-the-counter products fail you, a home acne treatment can prove outstanding for soothing skin and settling down a breakout. Read on to discover the 5 best in home care.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple vinegar is less acidic than traditional vinegar, the type most people associate with a side salad at their favorite restaurant. This home acne treatment regulates the balance of pH in your skin, causingskin to detoxquickly and naturally. It also contains two natural acids, malic and lactic. These work in unison to soften skin through exfoliation. Use apple cider vinegar as a toner, on areas of the body prone to acne breakouts.

2. Crushed Garlic: Hard to believe, but garlic contains essential nutrients that help clear up even the worst breakouts. These include allicin, calcium, sulphur and zinc. Take advantage of the health-promoting effects of garlic by first crushing any garlic cloves lying around and then mixing with garlic with water. Apply mixture to affected areas. If worried about odor, use the next topical solution listed below which will cancel out the smell of garlic.

3. Fresh Lemon Juice: Lemons, like vinegar, are highly acidic. Natural acids help dry out acne and destroy bacteria on the skin contributing to breakouts. Lemon also packs a powerful punch with lots of vitamin C, helping maintain skins healthy glow. Directly apply lemon to the skin with a cotton ball, squeezing just enough lemon juice on problem areas including the face, back and shoulders.

4. Potato Peelings: Potatoes don’t just taste good. Potatoes contain loads of vitamin C, which like lemons promote healthy skin by boosting collagen production in the body. Potatoes also contain vitamin B. Vitamin B provides DNA boosting benefits, helping regenerate skin cells deep within the epidermis rather than at the uppermost layers of skin. Thus, count on potatoes to work more than just “skin-deep.” Apply potatoes on areas of the skin that may need lightening from skin conditions including acne, as potatoes remove hyper-pigmentation.

5. Natural Honey: Honey is an antibacterial food working naturally to destroy and counter bacteria on the skin, a leading cause of acne breakouts. This home acne treatment helps eliminate breakouts naturally by working as a natural skin-cleansing agent. Honey also helps skin feel smooth and supple.

Try these natural remedies to relieve symptoms, and look and feel your best day in and out!

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