The Truth about Tongue Warts: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Tongue WartsThe Truth about Tongue Warts

Tongue warts are a regrettably common affliction many people have to contend with. However, due to their stigma, most people aren’t open about the issue. Unfortunately, this leads to a lack of education, meaning many people don’t understand they have tongue warts or what they are anyway and don’t understand how they can treat them. To get the truth about tongue warts, continue reading.

The Basics

For the most part, everyone’s tongue should appear velvety to the naked eye. There will always be some irregularities, of course, due to the papillae that line the human tongue. This means here and there you’ll find unique bumps. But for the most part, the tongue should appear uniform. Common ailments that can affect this include thrush and yeast infections, which gives the tongue a milky thick coating.

However, sometimes an irregularity in a person’s tongue can be much more severe. Bumps, blisters and lesions on the tongue are all unnatural growths known as tongue warts. Often times these warts are a consequence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

Understanding Human Papilloma Virus

Unfortunately, HPV is incurable. The disease appears as a double-stranded DNA form. The virus has a innumerable strains, each of which can cause a large number of diseases in people.

HPV is often spread through kissing and oral sex. It also believed that poor overall hygiene can cause HPV as well. One party can transfer it to the other during intimacy when HPV is noticeably present. Having open wounds on a person’s mouth will increase their susceptibility. Those with weak immune systems, like people with HIV, are also especially vulnerable as they can’t fight off its onset.

The Symptoms of Tongue Warts

It’s easy to diagnose tongue warts as you can easily see them when they’re present. Sometimes it’s just as easy to feel them in your mouth too. Because HPV often impacts mucous linings, it can also help make the tongue susceptible for the formation of warts.

When HPV causes tongue warts to form there are specific symptoms you can look for. These include single warts all by themselves. However, you might also notice many at the same time. Warts may also show up in forms of clusters.

A tongue that shows lesions or bumps often times has warts. Protrusions that are reddish in color are also symptomatic of warts forming.

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