Symptoms Of Low Estrogen Levels

Symptoms Of Low Estrogen LevelsSymptoms of Low Estrogen

Estrogen is that hormone that allows women to continually function as women. When the hormone is regulated normally by the pituitary gland, all will be well. But when estrogen levels begin to fluctuate low and high, things begin to get a little topsy-turvy mentally and physically.

Many women nearing menopause may begin experiencing symptoms caused by low estrogen. But sometimes, it isn’t just women getting to that point in their life, this may also begin happening to women who have recently had a hysterectomy to remove their ovaries. Ovaries carry much of our estrogen in them, and when they are removed from the body, it takes with them the hormone. If the hormone is not supplemented to continue a normal regulation, the body becomes out of whack.

If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of low estrogen, watch out for these commonalities:

  • Lack of menstruation – the absence of a regular period is a common sign of low estrogen. Because of low amounts of the hormone in your body, it is hard to regulate a monthly period.
  • Complications within a pregnancy leading to miscarriage – if Estrogen levels are low, women may find it difficult to become pregnant, and if they do, the hormone levels are not enough to begin forming the fetus.
  • Decreased function in the pituitary gland – The pituitary gland helps to regulate hormones within the body, estrogen just being one of those hormones. When Estrogen is low, you would be right to blame that little gland. The pituitary gland is responsible for regulating moods as well as many other emotional states.
  • Depression and anxiety – If you are experiencing unexplained depression or anxiety, it may be the time to visit your doctor about your Estrogen levels. Other mental states that may be uncommon to your personality may include: Panic attacks, low self-esteem, poor memory or difficulty concentrating.

These symptoms may not cause alarm for some women, if they are subtle. But knowing the signs of low estrogen will help to distinguish between feeling blue and a more serious problem. If you feel that your moods are becoming increasing unregulated then making that appointment with your gynecologist may be a good idea.

Low Estrogen isn’t something you should ignore. Without proper care, you may begin to experience worse symptoms, such as lapses in memory or severe panic attacks. There is help available, watch for the signs and get help.

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