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Spot Diabetes Symptoms Early and Prevent it - Home RemediesAge
Age can be a very reliable predictive factor when it comes to predicting the likelihood of a diabetes in the near future of any individual. Anybody of any age can be affected by diabetes, but generally speaking, one who is above the age of forty is much more likely to be at risk for diabetes than someone who is in their adolescence or early twenties. People in their middle ages should take especially diligent care to ensure that they aren’t doing things that could exacerbate or cause diabetes.

Those who are significantly overweight are far more likely than people who are of an average or lower than normal weight to contract diabetes; because of this, weight is very strong predictive factor for the possible onset on diabetes later on in their life. Those who have a BMI that is above 29.9% are at a particularly dire risk for getting diabetes later on in life, particularly because of their generally high blood pressure and overabundance of sugar in the bloodstream. A healthy diet is key to either preventing or fighting against diabetes.

If your family has an extensive history of diabetes affliction, then you are at a higher risk for the condition than those whose families do not have a particularly significant history of the condition. If your immediate family has had diabetes, then you would be best off consulting your doctor in order to see just what your chances are of getting the condition based on your personal bloodline and personal history of health. Some people may be born into diabetes as soon as they leave the womb, and in that case, it is vital that they do all they can to properly maintain blood sugar.

Sedentary Lifestyle
If you don’t regularly get a significant amount of exercise, then you are at significantly higher risk for diabetes than those who actively exercise at least two to three times a week. You’ll be able to stave off the diabetes risks if you make sure to exert yourself on a frequent basis, at least to the degree of making sure that you’re breathing heavily by the time the activity is done. Physical activity being low is very reliable predictor of possible diabetes in the future, so before you have to worry, it would be wise to alter your activity as soon as possible.

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