Post Abortion Syndrome Symptoms

Post Abortion Syndrome SymptomsOne of the toughest and most agonizing decisions that a woman may have to make is whether to have an abortion. There are a number of viewpoints swirling around this decision. However, the ultimate decision lies with the woman.
Consequently, if the woman moves forward on this decision to have an abortion, it is important for her to realize there are a number symptoms associated with this decision that maybe demonstrated following this procedure. Therefore, a discussion of these symptoms would be important for the woman and her support group in understanding the healing process following this decision.

What is Post Abortion Syndrome?
Post abortion syndrome is a traumatic event for the woman who has chosen to not bring her baby into this world. Because it is a traumatic event it can be classified as a disorder following post trauma.
Specifically, choosing to have an abortion, going through the surgical process and dealing with a number of emotional issues can bring about significant distress to the woman. This distress can not only be physical, but emotional and mental as well.

Additionally, it is important to realize and understand that this syndrome can happen immediately, but may be demonstrated months or years later.

What are the Symptoms?
There are many post abortion syndrome symptoms. Additionally, a woman who may experiencing this syndrome may experience some of these listed symptoms, but not all. Typically, if a woman is experiencing two or more symptoms, they may be diagnosed with this syndrome. As with all medically related issues, it is important to consult with one’s physician.

One of the major mental states that maybe experienced by a woman who has gone through an abortion is the feeling of guilt. This feeling of guilt can be due to lecturing from others, religious views, etc.
Another symptom is the feeling of anxiety. This in turn creates insomnia for the woman, palpitations of the heart, headaches and an upset stomach.

Depression is a significant symptom of post abortion syndrome. This symptom makes one feel sad and gloomy. In addition, the individual woman will feel unloved and have a sense of hopelessness. In addition, for no apparent reason, the woman may cry uncontrollably and for no obvious reason.

One other significant symptom associated with this syndrome are thoughts of suicide. These suicidal thoughts are tied significantly to the symptoms of sadness and depression.

It is important to realize that this listing of symptoms is not exhaustive.

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