Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism: Home Remedies

Morning Mistakes That Slow Down Metabolism: Home RemediesYour best bet for kick starting your metabolism is to start by energizing it in the morning. No matter what age you are, no matter what your genetics call for, you can make a difference in your metabolic rate but paying attention to the things that rev it up, and especially to the things that don’t. A good breakfast and exercise before the start of the day is great.

These things are not:
Midnight Snacking

Before you reach for the chips, cookies or any other snack item in the wee hours before bed, think again. Not only will eating late or before bedtime pack on the pounds and hurt your digestion, it will grind your metabolism to a slowed pace as well. Do you body a favor and just go to bed.

Forgetting to Get a Workout in
Cardio is essential for a good healthy metabolism, as well as cardiovascular system. Getting your sweat on for just 20 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week is all that is needed to get your metabolism going in the right direction. Exercise in the morning is best because it relies on the body’s fat stores for energy instead of what you eat during the day but getting your exercise any time of the day is beneficial.

Skipping the Weights
For women especially, weight training is frequently skipped as being something that will add more to their frame than detract but they couldn’t be more incorrect. Taking the time to include a weight training program into your workout schedule not only increases your metabolism but it keeps it on a rev for a longer period of time. Weight training is important for joint health as well. Make sure that you don’t walk by the weight racks and pick up a few instead. If you are not familiar with how to introduce your body to a weight training program, your local YMCA or the gym that you already go to will help you with how to perform the exercises safely and with good form.

You don’t have to be afraid to expand with weight training, the amount of training needed to have that happen is a lot more than the average person would even care to do. You will boost your metabolism and take inches off of your body as well. Think of it as a win-win. Rethink your routine for overall health and fitness.

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