Minor Burns: Treatment ans Simle Home Remedies

Minor Burns: Treatment ans Simle Home RemediesA burn is any type of injury that’s affects skin or flesh, usually through several sources that merely lacerate and scorch the skin.

Burns can be caused by a variety of sources, though they’re commonly cause by heat. Other sources like intense friction, electricity, chemicals and radiations also result in burns. People are also affected by burns in different severity levels, which can range from relatively minor burns to severe burns that might require extensive medical attention.

In the United States alone, most burns originate from the home or at work. In most cases, minor burns merely cause blisters, infections and scars left behind from healing. Since they’re ultimately minor in nature, there are many home remedies for minor burns. In this short article, we’re going to take a brief look at the many home remedies for minor burns that you can handle yourself.

Simple home remedies for minor burns
Most minor burns will heal on their own after a few days. Though, many home remedies can help relieve the symptoms and help those same burns heal faster.

Loose clothes and regular cleaning
Loose clothing doesn’t uncomfortable rub against burn-affected areas, allowing air to pass through the space between the garment and the burn-affected area. Cleaning the burn regularly also prevents any infections from forming, in addition to keeping the pain and discomfort levels low.

Honey and vinegar
Honey is probably one of the most effective home burn remedies. It acts as a disinfectant and promotes healing, reducing the chances of immediate infection. Applying honey directly to the area helps draw out liquids from the affected area while cleaning the burn.

Vinegar harbors antiseptic properties, which helps prevent infections. Rinse the affected area with a vinegar-water solution and dry it; it helps soothe the inflamed area from pain.

Aloe vera and egg white
Aloe vera naturally helps soothe the skin and surrounding tissue, offering pain relief and cleansing properties that suit healing minor burns. Apply fresh aloe vera gel to the burn after cleansing the area with cold water or vinegar.

Egg white is another gel-like substance that helps keep the pain from burns down, essentially speeding up its healing. Apply egg white to the burn to help subside the pain; you can keep applying egg white after the first layer dries to keep the pain away.

Tea bags and lavender oil
Tea bags can help subside the pain associated with burns. Keep two to three tea bags steeps in cold water and keep applying the liquid to the burn. You can also make a mixture that also includes mint leaves and boiling water, applying that solution to the burn after it cools.

Lavender oil is another old antiseptic burn remedy, which helps prevent infection from minor burns. Apply the oil onto gauze or a clean cloth and spread it onto the burn.

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