Make a DIY Pregnancy Test at Home. Seriously.

Make a DIY Pregnancy Test at Home. Seriously.Make a DIY Pregnancy Test. Seriously.
Whilst it may be sometimes necessary to create your own pregnancy test – perhaps there is no pharmacy or clinic where you live, or perhaps you have absolutely no money ¬– you must understand that their results may not be accurate all of the time; though they often are. Read on for some information about DIY pregnancy tests.

You should know…
If you think you are pregnant, you should work out a way to see a doctor, if at all possible. If you are in a situation where a DIY pregnancy test is your only option, proceed with care. DIY pregnancy tests use dangerous substances like bleach and pine sol; do not breathe in the fumes from these liquids.

There is a protein called HCG that is present in urine when a woman is pregnant; all pregnancy tests are used to detect HCG. You should know that a DIY kit can only detect this hormone on the first day you have missed your period or later – no earlier.

DIY Pregnancy Tests

Mix a teaspoon of toothpaste with a urine sample; if the toothpaste changes color or foams, it could indicate pregnancy.

Pine Sol
Mix a teaspoon of urine with original Pine Sol; if the detergent becomes foamy or changes colour, it could indicate the presence of HCG and pregnancy.

Collect an urine sample in a glass or other container, then pour some bleach into the urine, making sure not to inhale its fumes. If HCG is present in the urine, the bleach should fizz and react to the urine.

Measure one cup of vinegar, and then add a sample of urine to it. If the color of the vinegar changes from clear to another colour, it is likely that the hormone HCG is present and pregnancy has been detected.

Our bodies have ways of telling us that we are pregnant; our breasts become tender and full, our periods do not appear as they usually do, nausea develops, especially in the morning, and we might experience general aches in the body.

You should know that it is important for your health and the health of your prospective baby that you see a doctor as soon as possible after you suspect you are present. Though this is not always easy to do, they are examinations that you need to undergo to ensure that your body and fetus are healthy. Remember, some clinics have free days for those of us in need.

Make a DIY Pregnancy Test at Home. Seriously.
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