Itchy Lungs: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies

Itchy Lungs - Causes, Symptoms and Best Home RemediesThe Source for Information on a Nagging Problem: Itchy Lungs

Staying healthy is a primary concern for people. Yet remaining healthy while living increasingly busy lives can be a challenge. We want to stay healthy, but we just don’t have the time. As a result, we become susceptible to various kinds of sickness and disease.

One such disease that affects millions of Americans is a respiratory problem called ‘Itchy Lungs.’ Itchy Lungs is a catch all term for a number of different diseases that all have similar symptoms. In addition, Itchy Lungs can be the precursor to something far worse. Lets take a look at Itch Lung, and examine the causes, symptoms, and solutions to this hard to classify disease.

So what exactly is Itchy Lungs?
Itchy Lungs describe a symptom where patients report their lungs feeling itchy every time they take a breath. Sometimes, people will think the itch is on their skin when it is in fact not. Those that report Itchy Lungs also report difficulty breathing. This can range from a minor nuisance to a major threat that impedes daily functioning. In addition, Itchy Lungs can be the first sign to asthma or even pneumonia. What creates the itchy feeling is usually irritation to the throat brought on by excessive coughing.

What are some of the causes?
There are numerous factors that may cause Itchy Lungs. These are broken into categories.

1. An allergic cause
Itchy Lungs can result from allergic reactions to things around us. Top on the list are pollen, dust mites, molds, and cockroaches. As a result, it may be beneficial to switch where you are sleeping for a few nights to see if the cause of your itchy lung is due to where you sleep. If you think it may be, then thoroughly clean all sheets and floors. In addition, try to circulate air through your room through either an open window or fans. In addition, normal food allergies can irritate the throat, causing Itchy Lungs. Finally, artificial additives to foods are known to cause some irritation.

2. Diseases, Infections, and Cures
Any disease or infection that attacks the throat, lungs and respiratory system can potentially cause Itchy Lungs. This most often comes in the form of the common cold, but can also be a sign of either asthma or even pneumonia. There are also different kinds of acid reflux that will bring on Itchy Lungs. On the other side of this, some of the medication we take to help us through feeling sick can cause Itchy Lungs. This includes types of aspirin. Watch out for anti-inflammatory drugs, as they are known to cause Itchy Lungs.

3. External Sources
A major cause of Itchy Lungs for sensitive throats is very cold and dry air. The air irritates the respiratory system as it heats up, causing the itchy sensation. In addition, over-exertion causes an increase in breathing that leads to irritation in the throat. When combined with cold weather, the effects are doubled. Chemicals in the air or harmful fumes can also irritate the throat and lungs, causing Itchy Lungs for weeks at a time. Prolonged contact with these chemicals can result in serious respiratory problems.

4. Psychological sources
Stress plays an interesting role in how our immune system is governed. Prolonged stress can dramatically increase our likelihood of becoming sick, and reduce our body’s ability to cope with illness. Addressing these issues will help your body better fight off Itchy Lungs.

What are some of the symptoms?
The primary symptom is of course an intense itching feeling. Beyond this, there are several things to look out for. The first is a shortness of breath. This is often paired with tightness in the chest. Difficulties in breathing will bring about wheezing, and noticeable whistling sounds when exhaling. This is most frequently associated with children. In addition, insomnia can result from difficulty in breathing at night.

What can I do to help prevent Itchy Lung?
The best thing to do is to stay healthy and fit. Watch your diet, and be sure to get somewhere close to your daily-recommended exercise. Keep your living space, and especially the place where you sleep clean, making sure to wash your pillow cases and sheets frequently. Keeping a healthy body and mind will reduce your risk of illness and make Itchy Lungs less likely.

What should I do if I have Itchy Lungs?
The first thing you should do is to remove yourself from whatever may be causing it. This only works if the cause is external. If Itchy Lungs persists, your best bet is to seek medical help, especially if you have asthma or are fearful of getting pneumonia. Medications can be found over the counter to help reduce swelling. Finally, allergy shots can help reduce Itchy Lungs if it is allergy based.

Itchy Lungs: Causes, Symptoms and Best Home Remedies
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