Influenza Vaccine: Learn the Side Effects of the Flu Shot

Influenza Vaccine: Learn the Side Effects of the Flu ShotNo data proving the effect of vaccines, injection of influenza virus with mercury, which causes side effects and a greater likelihood of developing Alzaheimer’s – these are just some of the myths included in the internet. Very rare cases of influenza vaccination in people who are allergic to components of the vaccine may have an allergic reaction, including severe with shock. For this reason, the qualification for vaccination must carry a doctor, and vaccination should be performed in a properly equipped places (eg. doctor’s office, hospital), which in the event of a severe allergic reaction can quickly provide specialist assistance and provide appropriate medication.

The risk of a severe allergic reaction after vaccination against influenza is higher in people who already have experienced such a severe allergic reaction or shock, especially after eating chicken eggs. Most emotions raises a hypothetical relationship of influenza vaccination with the occurrence of neurological disease in the form of severe muscle weakness or paralysis (paralysis) limbs – Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS).

Here are five key reasons for adoption of the vaccine is not the best for people:

  • There is absence of of any data to support this operation. This vaccine is able to protect only against certain strains of influenza. If someone comes into contact with a strain before which is not protected, and so get the flu, which happens quite often.
  • Influenza vaccines, as well as the others, contain mercury, which is a heavy metal,and it is a serious threat to health. The mercury is produced on the basis of preservative called thimerosal. The quantity of mercury contained in a multiple-dose influenza vaccine is 250 times greater than the amount that is officially recognized as dangerous.
  • Influenza vaccines contain antibiotics such as neomycin, gentamicin and polymyxin B, which are added in order to eliminate bacteria which may get into vaccines. The data shows that antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria that are necessary to maintain optimal health.
  • Vaccines contain as emulsifier Polysorbate 80. It is a toxic substance capable of significant weakening of the immune system and induce anaphylactic shock, which can kill.
  • A growing number of data demonstrating that the vaccine cause of Alzheimer’s disease due to their compact aluminum and formaldehyde, which in combination with the mercury are more toxic than they are alone.

With so many adverse side effects, it is clear that the flu vaccine is potentially dangerous, especially since their adoption does not provide any protection.

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