How to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Treatment and Home Remedies

How to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Treatment and Home RemediesStretch marks are a chronic complaint of many a post-pregnancy mom or anyone who has achieved a substantial weight loss. While nothing will completely remove them short of surgery, there are treatments that you can use to greatly reduce their appearance. Creams and lotions for stretch marks abound in the pharmacy aisles but here are some remedies to try at home before you run out to purchase expensive serums.

DIY Stretch Mark Treatments
1. Try Oil Therapies

Proper hydration and moisturization are key to reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Using all-natural oils that you likely have in your home can produce much desired results:
The Beauty of Olive Oil: Women for centuries, especially the Mediterranean areas, have heralded olive oil for its skin beautification properties. Try regularly rubbing stretch marks with olive oil after you bathe.
Vitamin E Can Be the Key: Break open some vitamin E capsules and apply to the affected area directly to see pleasing results over time. Vitamin E is a proven skin aid for not only stretch marks but scars as well.
Essential Oil to Please All of the Senses: Try adding a few drops of lavender oil or other flower or herbal oil to coconut oil or olive oil for a pleasing scent while you treat your stretch marks. Lavender also works as a natural sleep aid as well.

2. The Magic of Aloe
Whether you buy a plant for its medicinal uses or you purchase a bottle of it already extracted, aloe works on scars, burns and stretch marks. This proven ancient skin healer is a sure fire way to improve skin condition without oily residue. Apply the aloe gel directly on to the stretch marks.

3. Rub on Some Cocoa Butter
Most of the store bought remedies contain this all-natural emollient. Cocoa butter is luxuriously soft and has amazing skin healing benefits. Regularly rubbing some all over will increase the appearance and health of your skin, along with improving the areas where stretch marks are present as well. You can find cocoa butter in the moisturizer section of the pharmacy.

4. Good Old H2O
Skin health depends on your regular water intake. Since the skin is comprised mostly of water, it doesn’t take much depletion to leave it looking drawn, adding to the negative characteristics of stretch marks. Most nutritionists and physicians recommend getting your daily dose of 8-10 glasses a day.

How to Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Treatment and Home Remedies
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