How to Reduce Lung Cancer Risk: Home Remedies for Smokers

How to Reduce Lung Cancer Risk: Home Remedies for SmokersSmoking has many health risks associated with it besides lung cancer. Besides the damage from the smoke, the toxins in cigarette smoke greatly affects overall health, especially the immune system.

Cigarette smoking causes heart disease, stroke and is now being evaluated for brain ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease. The best step toward better health is quitting now. If that isn’t on the radar, here are some steps you can take the lessen the risk.

Reduce Exposure To Second-Hand Smoke
Even though you smoke, you still need to avoid second-hand smoke. This residual effect of smoking contains toxins that are not as evident as first-hand smoke.

● Designate your home as smoke free. Even if you live with a house of smokers, many are still making their homes free of smoke and sending those who partake outside to special areas.
● In the rare instance where you work in an environment that allows smoking, insist that your employer do more to prevent the passing of second-hand smoke.
● Avoid riding in the car with others who smoke and do not access public transportation where smoking is either permitted or not bans are not enforced.

Think Twice About Household Chemicals
Since your lungs are already subjected to chemicals through your smoke, it is vital to limit other kinds of exposure to chemicals as well. The regular, everyday things that you can use in your home may be negatively affecting your lung health. Opt for household cleaners that have a reduced toxic footprint. There are many natural and biodegradable versions of household cleaners today so reach for those instead of bleach, ammonia and other chemicals that smell badly and do more damage than you realize. Vinegar and water does a lot to clean surfaces as well.

Toxic Work Environments
There are health and safety regulations in place for most industrial plants to adhere to. That does not mean that there is no risk to you though. Those that work in the automotive industry, especially bodywork or any sprayed paint technology, are at a great risk to lung damage due to inhalation of toxic fumes. Hair stylists are also subjected routinely to chemicals through dies and solutions. Be sure and wear protective clothing and face masks that are in accordance with what you are working with so you have the best chance to protect your lung health. The more you minimize your risk, the better your chances are.

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