How To Postpone or Prepone Periods Naturally With Home Remedies

How To Postpone or Prepone Periods Naturally With Home RemediesHome Remedies to Postpone or Prepone Your Periods
A woman may have many reasons for wanting to control the day of her period. She may not want her monthly cycle to interfere with her wedding or vacation or another important event. Female athletes may also want to avoid having their monthly cycle during a performance or competition. While there are no guarantees as to controlling the menses, understanding how and why it starts when it does can help you to use home remedies to postpone or prepone the cycle.

Hormones at Work
Periods involve the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones cue the body to shed the uterus lining and this in turn causes bleeding, which helps the body shed unfertilized eggs. This process typically happens every 28 to 30 days.

Using Birth Control
Contraceptives or birth control pills are a good way to better control the day of your period. These pills have high levels of those hormones estrogen and progesterone. When you stop taking the pills after a full week’s cycle you may have what is called withdrawal bleeding within 2 to 3 days. You should speak to your doctor about using birth control pills this way as there are risk factors to their use.

Home Remedies
There are some home remedies you might try to postpone or prepone your period. These can be safer than birth control pills, although you need to realize that they don’t always work to exactly control your monthly cycle. Eating foods that raise the level of estrogen is one way to prepone your cycle and warming the body near the uterus can also cause an early period.

Papaya contains carotene which can help to stimulate estrogen and induce your period earlier. It also produces heat in the body and this too can help to start your cycle early. Carrots and pumpkins also contain carotene and this can stimulate estrogen production and prepone the period. Pomegranate juice three times per day for several days can help to start the cycle early.

Heating the area of the body near the uterus can also bring the menses on earlier. You might sit in a hot bathtub for a half hour for several days or use warm compresses on the lower abdomen. Red meat can also raise heat in the body and may contain high amounts of estrogen to cause the cycle to occur early.

How To Postpone or Prepone Periods Naturally With Home Remedies
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