How to Permanently Get Rid of Roaches: Best Home Remedies

How to Permanently Get Rid of Roaches - Best Home RemediesThere’s nothing worse than an infestation of roaches. They are one of the most disgusting insects full of disease and are responsible for not only spreading this disease directly to us, but also are great at contaminating our food. Their saliva spreads microorganisms that make us more likely to disease and illness any time they creep into our cupboards.

Roaches don’t have to take up permanent residence in our homes. Although they tend to become quite invasive at times, there are ways to get rid of roaches and keep them away for good. While many of these methods contain chemicals that can be toxic, there are natural remedies as well that will keep these pests away without introducing any toxins into your environment. Use whatever method feels the best to you and you will see that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

14 Ways to Permanently Get Rid of Roaches


1. Cockroach Bait

Cockroach bait is found in a chemical gel that acts as a slow poison to kill roaches. These insects are attracted to the bait and will help attract the roaches that are causing infestation. Placing them in different areas that you notice more cockroaches, such as under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, will help to quickly attract more of these pests and get rid of you problem in about three weeks.

2. Insecticide Spray

There are many insecticide sprays that will completely kill off roaches. This should be sprayed the cracks in your walls, drains, rubbish cans, as well as under musty sinks, as cockroaches usually breed in these warm and damp places. Insecticide sprays contain Cyfluthrin, a toxic chemical that should be kept away from children and pets.

3. Traps

Trapping your cockroaches is easy. Cockroach traps contain an adhesive within the trap that they become entrapped in. The traps contain bait that entices the roach to enter the trap. It should be placed out nonstop for about a week in commonly infested areas.

4. Liquid Concentrate Spray

A liquid concentrate spray will keep roaches away for at least two weeks when used just one time. This concentrate should be put in a spray bottle diluted with water and sprayed in cracks and areas of infestation. It can be used regularly as well to keep roaches at bay.

5. Professional Insecticide

There are certain instances when cockroaches become too much of a problem to handle on your own. This is when you may want to call in an exterminator who will spray professional grade insecticide and get rid of your roaches (and all your other pesky bugs) for good. You will want to make sure all children and pets are out of the house, as well as any food that can become contaminated by this powerful poison.


Some people prefer more natural alternatives to taking care of house and home, and there are some home remedies that are non-toxic and offer lasting solutions to cockroach invasion.

1. Boric Acid

Boric acid has long been used as a bait to kill cockroaches and other insects that like to take up space in the house. A bait of one part boric acid, one part white flour, and one part sugar will form a dough ball that should be placed where roaches like to hang out. The flour and sugar attracts them, and the boric acid acts as the poison necessary to kill them.

2. Baking Soda and Sugar

This is an easy home remedy to get rid of roaches, made with just two ingredients that are common in most every household. Equal parts of each should be used and simply sprinkled in the traffic areas of problem roaches. The sugar attracts them and the baking soda mixes with the acids of the cockroach’s stomach causing it to gas up and eventually die.

3. Ammonia

Roaches hate the smell of ammonia just as much as you do, and it is enough to keep them away if you can handle it. Two cups of ammonia mixed with a bucket of water flushed down drains in the kitchen and bathroom will repel the roaches and keep them away for a couple weeks.

4. Pine Sol and Bleach

The combination of these two household cleaning items is also crippling to the sense of smell in a cockroach and will keep them far away. Mix a cup of water, two cups bleach and two cups Pine Sol in a bucket and pour this mixture where cockroaches like to hide. The smell is awful, so you might want to do this on a day you can open the windows and be out of the house.

5. Water Jar Trap

You can trap cockroaches in a more humane way than chemical traps by luring them into a jar full of water. Place a jar of water close to the wall where roaches like to frequent, and they will become trapped in the water without a way to escape.

6. Cucumber Trap

This is a great method to send roaches someplace else and is great for keeping them away. All you need to do is put some sliced cucumbers in an aluminum can and leave it sitting out overnight. The reaction of the cucumber juices mixed with the aluminum from the can produces a scent that roaches can’t stand. With this method, they just won’t be enticed to keep coming around.

7. Petroleum Jelly

This is another easy trap that will get rid of roaches for good. You need a wide-rimmed glass bottle about half-full with fruit scraps. Rub petroleum jelly on the rim of the glass so the cockroaches will not be able to escape. They’ll climb into the jar, but won’t be able to climb out. When you’ve caught some, pour them into a bucket of water to drown them and repeat until your infestation problems are solved.

8. Listerine

Equal parts Listerine, water, and a couple drops of dish soap will deter roaches and smells a lot better than some of the other home remedies to remove cockroaches! Mix these all into a spray bottle and use where you commonly see roaches. You can even spray this directly on a cockroach if you wish. The smell of this concoction is enough to send roaches scurrying to someone else’s house.

9. Bay Leaves

Bay leaves aren’t just for cooking. These aromatic leaves that are popular for soups and Indian cooking have a smell cockroaches can’t stand. A bit of ground bay leaf powder sprinkled in the areas roaches like to frequent will send them quickly to frequent somewhere else.

How to Permanently Get Rid of Roaches: Best Home Remedies
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