How to Get Rid of the Pain of Adderall Headaches: Best Remedies

How to Get Rid of the Pain of Adderall Headaches: Best RemediesUnderstanding and Getting Rid of the Pain of Adderall Headaches

We want the best for our loved ones. Sometimes, it is hard to figure out what that may be. For millions of American families struggling with underperforming children, the question is asked, “Does my child have ADHD.” A growing number of families are reaching the conclusion that their children do indeed suffer from being incapable of paying attention.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways both through therapy and medication to address this issue. However, medication can sometimes have worse then expected side effects. When it comes to Adderall, one of the most well known names in ADHD medication, these side effects can effect millions of children and adults alike.

One side effect in particular is Adderall induced headaches. These headaches are reported by up to 26% of those using Adderall. These headaches can range from minor nuisances to full-blown migraines that ruin productivity and throw into question if taking the medication is even worthwhile.

As a result of these headache side effects to Adderall, lets take a closer look at how to prevent these headaches, and get rid of them if you or someone you love is currently suffering.

Preventing Adderall Headaches
1. Reducing Stimulants

Have you ever gotten a headache when drinking coffee? This headache isn’t a result of when you stop drinking coffee, but rather the result of the coffee itself. Coffee is a stimulant, and as a result headaches can ensue. In a way, Adderall is a more powerful version of coffee that directly influences and works with the central nervous system. The Amhetamine and Dextroamphetamine in Adderall can cause migraines and headaches when used in large quantities. The simplest solution then reduce the dosage to a point where the headaches will not occur.

2. Reducing Stress
Getting a headache isn’t all or nothing. Rather, think of it as a sliding scale. The more negative things you add, the greater the chance that a headache or migraine will follow. This is called tolerance, and every person has a different threshold for when headaches set in. Adderall may increase the likelihood of headaches, but another way to get rid of them is to focus on other things that may cause headaches. Primary on the list are stressors in our life. From studying for exams to paying taxes, expectation can at times be overwhelming. A good thing to do is to put in time for relaxing and rehabilitating activities. Different kinds of yoga or meditation can help reduce stress. In addition, seeing a therapist can help to work out re-occuring problems and lead to a more joyful and happy life. With less stress comeless headaches.

3. Eating Right
More often then not, our diets can influence if and when we have headaches, and increase the likelihood of Adderall headaches and migraines. It is important then to make sure you have a source of protein to eat, as protein helps reduce the chance of headaches. In addition, low blood sugar brought on from being hungry can spawn Adderall headaches.

Ways of relieving suffering while taking Adderall
1. Take a secondary medication to deal with the headaches
One option is to take over the counter pain and headache medication to reduce these effects while you or someone you know is taking Adderall. This has the benefit of allowing the current dosage to remain the same, while reducing the negative side effects. However, any change or addition should be discussed with a doctor first, as they will be most equipped to tell you what side effects will and will not occur.

2. Change your dosage
Consider making a change to your current dosage. There are two methods that people have discussed with their Doctor’s and recommend you do the same. The first involves only taking the second dosage of Adderall after the first dosage has run out. The idea is that you are not overloading your central nervous system with stimulants and hence getting headaches. The second method is to take the last dose of the drug 6 hours prior to going to sleep. Individuals who have done this report having an easier time sleeping as well as decreased headaches during the day. As with all suggestions, run this through your Doctor before making changes, as they are best suited to help you.

When you should see a doctor immediately.
Treating these problems on your own entails a certain level of risk, as no one outside the medical community is usually versed enough in the research to understand the real risks and rewards of making changes to an Adderall prescription. If migraines or headaches refuse to go away for an extended period of time, then seek medical help. In addition, find a doctor if experiencing hallucinations, muscle twitches, increased blood pressures, seizures, or chest pain

How to Get Rid of the Pain of Adderall Headaches: Best Remedies
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