How to Get Rid of Herpes: Treatment and Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Herpes: Treatment and Home RemediesTen Easy but Useful Home Remedies for Herpes
Itching, burning and cold sores… oh my! Herpes can be an embarrassing and painful problem caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus. Once someone is infected with the virus they will be carriers of the virus… though it can lie dormant within their system for long periods of time. When the virus becomes active it causes weeping sores usually on the mouth, face, nose or genitals.

Type 1 Herpes Simplex is responsible for outbreaks above the belt while Type 2 is responsible for genital sores. The virus is spread through sexual contact and in some instances intimate skin to skin contact.

If you have tried prescription drugs to no avail or are trying to avoid the hassle of the pharmacy line, these ten easy buy useful home remedies for herpes can help you heal faster and prevent future breakouts.

#1: Take Vitamin D
A powerful antiviral, Vitamin D is often overlooked by conventional medicine, however, it can be incredibly effective in preventing future breakouts. Because vitamin D can be toxic at high levels, consult a pharmacist or your family doctor to determine the correct dosage for you.

#2: Use Ice
Many people report that moments before a cold sore arises they feel a burning and tingling sensation in the affected area. When this feeling comes on, place an icecube on your lip and hold it there for several minutes. It helps to stop the spread of the virus and in some cases, can stop a cold sore before it even happens.

#3: Apply Milk
Applying milk to a herpes sore for fifteen minutes can help not only fight off the current outbreak but keep it from spreading. Containing antiviral properties, it’s no wonder your mother always told you to drink your milk!

#4: Take a Nap
Sleep is your body’s natural infection fighter helping to repair the damage of the day and rejuvenate cells. When in doubt… nap. It’s always a good option.

#5: Keep Stress in Check
Stress can slow down the productivity of your immune system leaving you more susceptible to outbreaks. Avoid stressful situations if you can and if you can’t always have a healthy outlet for unwinding.

#6: Drink Your Coffee Black
If you like your coffee black this comes as good news… drinking a cup of joe can provide relief of mouth herpes. Simply hold the coffee in your mouth for a few moments and then swish it towards your lips.

#7: Wear Comfortable, Breathable Clothes
Nothing is worse for an outbreak than tight clothes that make you sweat and lock in heat. Wear loose and breathable clothes to help keep the sores from spreading and to prevent added pain.

#8: Try Baking Soda
Using a cotton ball, apply baking soda to the affected area. This will provide relief for itching and help to keep the area dry to promote healing.

#9: Apply a Wet Tea Bag
Not only does black tea make a great companion to War and Peace, it also has antiviral properties. Soak a tea bag in hot water then apply the bag to your sore.

#10: Try a Lemon Slice
Not for the faint of heart, a lemon slice can be effective in help to keep an outbreak small… but be advised if your sore is open it will burn. Place the lemon slice on the affected area and keep it there as long as you can.

Herpes can be a painful problem that comes with its share of embarrassment for the sufferer. But these ten easy home remedies for herpes can help… and remember – herpes is a common issue that affects many. There’s probably another million people online right now… googling their own solution to the same problem ailing you.

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