How to Get Rid of Dry Skin: Home Remedies that Actually Work

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin: Home Remedies that Actually WorkDry skin is a common and sometimes persistent problem that leaves skin looking lack luster, cracked and scaly. Causes of dry skin include environmental changes, inclement weather and diet among others. While many prominent brands offer products that promise to revive skin to their former glory, these same products can be expensive and lack lasting results.

Before you invest in lotions and potions, try these ten dry skin home remedies. They actually work… and they won’t cost you a dime.

#1: Use a Homemade Cucumber Mask
Using a food processor, grind down one cucumber into a fine paste. Spread it evenly on dry areas and leave the mixture on for thirty minutes. Rinse and repeat twice a week.

#2: Exfoliate
It’s imperative that you exfoliate at least twice a week to keep dead skin cells at bay… a culprit for making dry skin look even dryer.

#3 – Pat Don’t Rub After a Shower
Surprisingly, just the way you dry off after a bath or shower can make your skin drier. Pat don’t rub and afterward follow up with a moisturizer to keep skin looking ample, smooth and youthful.

#4 Rethink Your Diet
Vitamins and minerals are a must for keeping your skin looking its best. Other foods that can keep your skin glowing are nuts, dairy, mushrooms, eggs, carrots and peas.

#5 Apply a Banana Paste
Mush up one banana in a bowl and spread the mixture on dry areas of your skin. Leave the banana paste on for twenty minutes. Rinse and repeat in a few days.

#6 Try a Rose and Honey Mask
To make this mask, mix a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of rose water. Lather it on and allow to dry. Once dry, wash the mask off to reveal smoother, more radiant skin.

#7 Take Baths in Luke Warm Water
Avoid taking baths in hot water. It’s drying for the skin. Instead opt for short,luke-warm baths and showers.

#8 Yogurt
Not only is yogurt filled with antioxidants, it is a natural moisturizer. Mix plain yogurt with a quick spritz of lime juice and honey. Then, rub it into areas that need a little TLC. Leave the mixture on for twenty minutes before rinsing it away.

#9 Slather on Aloe Vera
Aloe is naturally jam-packed with antioxidants and healing properties. Rubbing aloe onto dry areas will add a healthy heaping of moisture while you reap the many benefits of its antioxidant powers.

#10 Try Oils
Olive oil is made for more than frying fish or basting bread. When mixed with a small amount of grape oil or castor oil it can make an impressive moisturizer.

Dry skin can be an irritating problem but with a little care and time you can get back the glow you’ve been missing. If dry skin persists, consider seeing a dermatologist who can help you get to the root cause of your dry skin all while making your skin healthier in the process.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin: Home Remedies that Actually Work
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