How to Get Rid of Double Chin: Causes and Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Double Chin: Causes and Home RemediesDouble chins are usually caused by the formation of subcutaneous fat deposits underneath the lower jaw and around the neck. The formation of this fatty tissue causes the skin and tissue in this area to start sagging down, forming the characteristic appearance of having a double chin.

Anyone can develop a double chin, especially if they have the bone structure and fat disposition in their chin area that will support it. Double chins are more common in people who are overweight, obese or are of old age.

The appearance of a double chin becomes more visible when a person moves their lower jaw downward. It can also be seen if the person’s head is tilted down. While double chins form naturally, some people might be more susceptible to gaining a double chin from their genetics. It’s possible, however, to avoid or rid yourself of a double chin with these home remedies.

Home remedies for getting rid of it
Most home remedies for getting rid of a double chin are completely free and safe to perform. As long as you continue using them, you can achieve a result that will mostly subside the appearance of a double chin.

Chewing sugar free
Chewing gum actually help keep the muscles of the face and neck toned. Keeping these muscles toned helps remove the appearance of a double chin. Chew gum that is sugar free on a semi-daily basis to avoid your facial and neck muscles from accumulating too much fat.

Wheat germ oil and egg white
Wheat germ oil massage helps nourish and tighten the skin underneath the chin, leading to tighter skin underneath the chin and on the neck. Take about 10 to 15 minutes to massage wheat germ oil into your skin, starting from the base of the neck and up to the chin.

Egg white facial masks also help revitalize the skin by reducing the onset of water retention in the area. Apply an egg white facial mask containing egg white, peppermint oil, lemon juice and honey to your chin and neck. Allow the mask to dry and rinse off.

Vitamin E and cocoa butter
Vitamin E is a key skin care ingredient, since it helps tighten the skin. Introducing foods that contain vitamin E to your diet will do ‘wonders’ in helping improve the health of your skin. Foods like brown rice, apples, legumes, soybeans and various dairy products all contain vitamin E.

Cocoa butter massages help increase blood circulation in the chin area, keeping the skin there healthy. It also helps keep the skin tight. Apply warm cocoa butter to the chin area by massaging it in for at least 10 minutes.

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