How to Get Rid of Body Rash: Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Body Rash: Causes, Treatment and Home RemediesThe How, Why, and Remedy for the common Body Rash.
Sometimes, for no explicable reason, it will come. Almost as if it snuck up on us, the body rash is an inflammation of the skin that can appear over night and cause weeks of itchiness and pain.
Not to mention, it also looks unsightly and can sometimes occur on our face, neck, or other particularly unwelcome location.

Whether you are among those who gets it infrequently, or a part of the growing majority that deals with chronic and unpredictable body rash formation, knowing what causes these rashes and how to take care of them can go a long way to making life easier. Lets look at what a body rash is, why it occurs, what we can do to decrease the risk of future rashes, and ways we can treat the rashes we already have. That way, we solve this annoyance and get on with our lives!

A body rash… So what is it?
As stated before, a body rash is when the skin becomes inflamed. This causes irritation, itchiness, and even blisters. Body rashes can be swollen and change the color of the skin to a deep red.

Why does it occur?
Rashes can appear for any number of reasons. When determining why a rash formed, first look at its location. Is there any particular place it repeatedly forms on your body? If so, this could be an allergic response your body is having to a fabric you are wearing or even the metal in say your belt buckle. Are you taking any new medications? Some medications have skin irritation in their side effects. Have you rubbed that area more then normal? Some rashes can come from infrequently performed exercises, and come into their own well after your cool down.

What can we do to decrease the chances of getting a rash in the future?
Keeping a diary of any unique things you eat, location of rashes, and places you been will help you identify what, if any environmental factors are causing the rash.

What can I do to help heal the rash/rashes I have?
There are a wide number of remedies you can use, with some that can be found right in your own home. They usually fall into two categories that occasionally overlap, relieving irritation and moisturizing skin.

For moisturizing the skin, olive oil helps great to penetrate the layers of skin and provide moisture. It works best to warm the olive oil before application. In addition to olive oil, cod liver oil and even clay can be applied to the skin to provide moisture.

Home remedies that relieve irritation include coconut oil, baking soda, aloe vera, and castor oil.

Is there ever a time when I should see a doctor?
Figuring out if you should see a doctor can be tricky, as every person reacts to body rashes differently. The question is, does the rash impact your life. If you are getting chronic rashes that make daily living a pain, then consulting a doctor can help bring professional help to a re-occurring problem. Beyond that, let common-sense be your guide.

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