How To Get Rid of Blood Clot In Finger At Home: Best Remedies

How To Get Rid of Blood Clot In Finger At Home: Best RemediesDealing With Blood Clots the Ins And Outs of Finger Blood Clots

Getting blood clots is never fun. They can cause a lot of problems, and not to mention, they can be pretty painful. Blood clots can become serious, especially if left untreated. Everyone, male or female, has a chance of suffering from a blood clot once in their lives. The most painful blood clots are ones you get in your hands, especially your fingers. Anyone of any age range can get a blood clot in their finger. If you or someone you love is suffering from a blood clot in your finger, and you need information, continue to read to find out all about blood clots that form in your fingers.

What are blood clots?
Blood clots are occur when you have certain diseases, be it deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs) or a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the heart). Blood clots in the fingers, however, are from a trauma or a pinched nerve. An example would be if you slammed your finger in a car door, or pinched your finger with some sort of device, it causes a blood clot. Blood clots are said to help stop the bleeding if you go through a bad accident, but if no skin is broken, there is a problem. It will form a clot and become a serious, painful condition if not treated by a doctor. Over 75% of finger blood clots end up being treatable by home remedies.

Are they preventable?
It depends on the type of blood clot. If you eat right and exercise daily, you aren’t at risk for blood clots in the legs, arms, or the heart. That is not to say you will never deal with a blood clot, however. Just like with any other disease or ache and pain, blood clots are a part of life. For finger blood clots, they are usually preventable if you are careful not to injure yourself.

Do I need to go to the doctor?
It never hurts to contact your doctor when you experience a blood clot. They can rule out if it is life threatening or non-life threatening. If you cannot deal with the blood clot on your own at home, then it would be a good idea to go see your doctor right away. It is suggested that as soon as you see a blood clot, whether it is in your fingers or another part of your body, your doctor should be contacted immediately so no real damage can be done to your body.

Home Remedies:
There are a few home remedies that can be tried for finger blood clots before you go to see a doctor. There is a small selection of remedies to try. Not all remedies work for everyone, so it is important to try out different remedies. These are the most popular home remedies that seem to work for various people. These home remedies include Applying an ice pack to the affected finger to the blood clot usually works nicely. Holding the pack to your finger twice a day for ten minutes will usually get the clot to go away within a week. Another remedy that is popular is to try soaking the hand in hot water to get the clot to break up on its own and go away. It is stated that most clots break up on their own naturally, but it is a long process and can cause pain.

Over the Counter Remedies:
There is generally no over the counter remedies to help with blood clots in fingers, as this is usually a minor injury. However, if the pain from the blood clot in your finger becomes too much, there is over the counter pain relievers to help ease the pain. These OTC pain relievers are non-habit forming, and usually cause no damage. These are usually Tylenol, Advil, or any similar to those brands.

Prescription Remedies:
Since there is really no over the counter remedies when it comes to blood clots in your fingers, there are usually no prescription medications that can be taken for the blood clot in your finger. You can always ask your doctor if there is something available for the blood clot in your finger and see what he says, but to date there is nothing out there listed. It never hurts to see your doctor and ask him questions anyway.

Blood clots are nasty little things that are usually very scary. Luckily, when you get a blood clot in your finger, it usually isn’t serious. See your doctor immediately if you have a blood clot, even if it is in your finger, to rule out any serious medical conditions. Blood clots in any part of the body, even your fingers, are just a part of life. Don’t let it tear you down. Show the blood clot that you are the master of your body, and it isn’t.

How To Get Rid of Blood Clot In Finger At Home: Best Remedies
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