How to Get Pregnant Fast and Naturally: 3 Top Tips

How to Get Pregnant Fast: 3 Top TipsWhen you are ready for a baby, you are ready for a baby. But sometimes as it would seem, fate transpires against us. Millions of women find themselves in this same position. As a result, there are numerous ways to speed up the chances of getting pregnant, which are especially helpful if you have already set the time aside and made plans. Though supplements can help, a lot of this comes down to you understanding your body, and knowing the best times to have sex.

1. Lifestyle changes
Before getting into the nitty-gritty, there are a few lifestyle changes to consider. First and foremost is reducing the amount of caffeine you drink. It is well documented that caffeine consumption can decrease the change of pregnancy. Second, stop drinking alcohol, as this to has an effect on your body. Third, if you smoke, try to quit. Smoking, like the other suggestions mentioned above, decreases your immune system which can negatively impact your health. Forth and finally, stop dieting. It may seem counter intuitive, but when you try to lose weight, your body responds in kind. The best thing you can do is eat what you need to be eating, and ease the health restraints on your body.

2. Man changes
In addition, it should briefly be mentioned that there are things your man can do as well. All of these focus around keeping the sperm cool before sex. Exercise, tight fitting underwear, and hot things like laptops increase the temperature of sperm, decreasing your chance at pregnancy. Finally, have him stay away from hot showers or hot tubs.

3. Most fertile days and ovulation
So, you’ve worked out your lifestyle and man, time to focus on your ovulation cycle. The best way to get pregnant is to wait to just before you ovulate. Contradictory to what you may have been taught, you are not always 100% at risk of becoming pregnant. Rather, your body goes through a cycle where the chance increases and decreases. The best way to get pregnant then is to have sex when you are most likely to be pregnant.

The first step is to figure out how long your ovulation cycle is. This can change per person, but is usually between 25 to 35 days in length. Once that is figured out, plan to have sex a little before the halfway point in your cycle.

Getting pregnant can sometimes be a challenge. Hopefully, the advice listed here will help you get pregnant and start a family. Good luck!

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