How To Eliminate A Tooth Infection At Home: DIY Treatment

How To Eliminate A Tooth Infection At Home: DIY Treatment Treating a Tooth Infection At Home
If you wake up in the wee hours of the night because one of your teeth is throbbing with excruciating pain, you likely have an abscess. An abscess is as unpleasant as it sounds; a collection of pus forms in the center of a tooth, causing pain and severe discomfort.

Why do teeth develop abscesses?
A tooth that has developed an abscess is not a healthy tooth: chips or cracks, cavities, or a root infection can result in a tooth abscess.

What does a tooth infection feel like?
A tooth infection makes it presence known: you might experience intense pain in the tooth as well as in your cheeks or temples; your breath might smell odd; your tooth could react negatively to hot or cold food or drink; a bitter taste might take over your mouth; your upper or lower jaw could become swollen and the tissue around your tooth may look red and inflamed. Simply put, a tooth infection is nothing to fool around with: you need to see a dentist. There are some steps you can take to lessen the symptoms of a tooth infection before you get it treated.

What are some DIY treatments for tooth infections?
• Stick to drinks of room temperature; extreme temperatures will irritate your tooth and cause you pain.
• Apply ice to your jaw, if it is visibly swollen. Reducing the swelling will bring you some relief.
• Gargle with a natural antiseptic: warm water mixed with salt.
• Gargle with a water mixed with hydrogen peroxide; an antiseptic that will help to fight the infection.
• Rinse your mouth with a strong alcohol like tequila; alcohol can numb the area and potentially reduce infections.
• Raid your baking cupboard. Cotton dipped in almond, lemon, vanilla or peppermint extract could bring you some relief. Oil or oregano has healing properties also.
• Rinse your mouth with a solution of tea tree oil and warm water.
• Apply some apple cider vinegar directly to your infected tooth, using a cotton swap.
• If you have some ginger root in your kitchen, peel it and then chew on it; the juices could be helpful in healing the infection.

An abscessed tooth can cause you an extraordinary amount of pain and discomfort, making sleeping impossible. The best step that you can take, after dealing with the infection and pain with DIY remedies, is to see a dentist.

How To Eliminate A Tooth Infection At Home: DIY Treatment
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