How Much Caffeine Is In Green Tea?

How Much Caffeine Is In Green TeaIf you’ve heard that green tea is the next big thing in the weight loss and energy world, then you are nowhere near alone. Literally millions and millions of people have been exposed to these exact same “big claims”, with many wondering whether or not green tea is really is that effective of a drink or if it’s simply more marketing and advertising hype being pushed down our throats.

Luckily, green tea is in fact proving to be the all-natural stimulant that we’ve been looking for – the kind of coffee replacement that we’ve always wanted. Green tea is one of the few teas that has caffeine already in it (100% natural caffeine, at that), giving you that little “pick me up” that you’ve been searching for.

How much caffeine is there in green tea, anyways?
Truth be told, the caffeine that you’ll find in green tea is dramatically lower than you’ll find in other coffees and ordinary keys, which throws a bit of a monkeywrench into the common belief that it’s the caffeine in green tea that gives you that pep and bounce in your step.

However, the truth of the matter is there are a handful of other enzymes and all-natural components in green tea that give you the boost you’ve been looking for – all of them providing the same kind of extra jolt of energy, clarity, and focus you would have gotten from caffeine without any of the negative side effects.

Is caffeine the real “booster” in green tea?
If you’ve learned above, the truth is that the caffeine isn’t the big ingredient in green tea – is the number of anti-oxidant that you’ll find in this drink that really do the “heavy lifting”.

Creating a cascade of biochemical reactions all throughout the human body, each and every one of these antioxidants work double overtime to scrub your body of toxins, re-oxygenate your blood, and provide you with an immense amount of energy, mental clarity, and focus unlike anything you’ve ever felt before – with none of the negative side effects that caffeine can bring to the table.

So the next time that you are considering grabbing a quick boost of energy from one of those heavily caffeinated drinks sold almost everywhere, try to give yourself a bit of a natural boost by using green tea instead.

Just don’t be surprised if you never turn back to those caffeinated drinks again once you’ve seen what green tea can do.

How Much Caffeine Is In Green Tea?
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