Health Benefits Of Soursop in Your Diet: Nutrition Facts

Health Benefits Of Soursop in Your Diet: Nutrition FactsAlso known by the name graviola, soursop is a spiny tropical fruit. It’s green and on the big side. A number of ice cream flavors, sweet treats, and beverages utilize soursop. However, as delicious as soursop can be, it also comes with a wide range of healthful benefits.

Carbohydrates are plentiful with this fruit, but soursop also contains Vitamins C and B complex, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, phosphorous, calcium, and niacin. Soursop is also sometimes known by such names as paw-paw and custard apple.

Enjoying Soursop As A Fruit
Simply eating soursop as a fruit opens you up to many of its beneficial properties. It has been proven to be effective against an ulcer, rheumatism, eczema, various types of liver disease, and even certain cancers. The vast quantity of carbohydrates can be found in its glucose and fructose contents. This fruit also has very little fat. Phosphorus and calcium are capable of establishing strong bone structure, and limiting the possibility of osteoporosis for women. If you’re looking to meet your dietary fiber needs, this fruit can help with that, too. You can use this fruit to increase your overall appetite in a healthy, meaningful way.

Soursop And Cancer
A number of studies indicate that the graviola leaf is capable of killing cancerous cells that can appear in your lungs, the pancreas, and even in your prostate. It is capable of attacking cancerous cells in a way similar to chemotherapy, but without the side effects commonly associated with that treatment. It can strengthen the immune system, encourage higher energy levels, and even improve how you look physically. What this juice can do is destroy cancerous cells, while sparing the healthier cells.

Soursop Leaves And Fruit Benefits
As a viable means of batting cancer, ten leaves from a plant should be boiled in 3 cups of water, until it comes down to about a single cup’s worth. Drinking this at a minimum of twice a day for two weeks will yield potent results that will be very similar to chemo. 20 leaves boiled in 5 cups of water to make 3 cups of juice can help with joint aches and pains (make sure to drink about 3/4 of a cup each day). Soursop can even be used for babies suffering from diarrhea. You can also use this fruit as a means of treating hemorrhoids. Make certain to use a ripened fruit, squeezing enough juice to be able to drink two cups a day.

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