Healing A Broken Knuckle – Home Remedies And Signs & Symptoms

Healing A Broken Knuckle - Home Remedies And Signs & SymptomsHealing a Broken Knuckle
The knuckles are made from metacarpal bones, and the metacarpal bones can be found between the finger bones located in the palms. Out of all of the knuckle bones in the hand, the fourth and fifth bones have the highest risk of becoming broken in any given incident. In a stressful environment, there are many different possible scenarios that a knuckle bone can wound up broken from; the fact that a lot of these scenarios are caused by somebody losing their temper and punching and object that shouldn’t be punched is the reason why broken knuckle bone is sometimes referred to as a boxer’s fracture. The metacarpal is the most delicate component of the knuckle bone, and when it is broken, the break is usually around the metacarpal’s neck. No matter how tight the average person makes their fist, it’s highly unlikely that their metacarpal bones will be able to withstand harsh and direct impact against something any harder than ice.

Knuckle Articulation
In a significantly hard punch, it is always the ring finger’s knuckle that leads all of the rest; this is the reason for why it is commonly the one that winds up broken whenever one makes the mistake of punching just about anything. Generally speaking, the bones of the knuckle are allowed to have a free range of motion because of the way that they’re articulated; however, this is not always perfect. A ‘dorsal bump’ may occur if there isn’t the most proper range of motion in the knuckles, which almost always leads to a fracture.

Signs of a Fracture or Break

  • A knuckle that is truly broken will generally be very tender and characterized by a significant amount of pain around the joint of the metacarpal
  • There will commonly be the feeling of a snap or the sound of a pop at the exact moment in time that the knuckle actually breaks
  • There will also oftentimes be a heavy amount of swelling and potentially even discoloration at the area of the break itself, along with the appearance of a small cut
  • It is usual for there to be a slightly compromised range of motion in ring and little fingers after the metacarpal bone of the ring finger has been completely broken

Healing a Broken Knuckle
The level of treatment that a broken knuckle (or any other broken bone) requires depends on the severity of the break itself. Generally speaking, though, it is common practice to use a cold compress and keep the fingers immobilized to keep additional damage from occurring. Painkillers may be used to keep the area from becoming inflamed as well.

Healing A Broken Knuckle – Home Remedies And Signs & Symptoms
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