Hair Loss: Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies and Hair Growth Treatment

Hair Loss: Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies and Hair Growth TreatmentHair Growth Treatments In Your Home
For a number of people, hair loss won’t necessarily involve a pattern or bold spots. A number of factors can influence your hair no longer being full or thick. Thankfully, there are a number of home remedies that you can try. All of these been proven to strengthen the hair, and promote an overall improvement in their home growth. Before you seek out the more expensive treatments on the market, try these first.

Hair Loss Causes
There are a wide range of things that lead to hair loss. Any one of these causes can potentially be the reason why your hair isn’t as strong and healthy as it once was. These reasons can include rapid hair loss after childbirth, fevers, your age, anemia, unhealthy eating habits, certain meds, unexpected weight loss, and more.

Hair Loss Symptoms
Look for such symptoms as clumps of your hair coming out, losing more than 100 hairs per day, and a thinning hairline. If you notice some of these symptoms, you’re going to wonder what your home remedy options are.

Natural Hair Growth Treatments
Try some of these home remedies on for size:

Aloe Vera: This treatment works to moisturize the scalp, while also preventing itchiness and dryness with your scalp. It can even create a good pH balance.
Hot Oil Massage: Massaging warm oil into your head and scalp improves your flow of blood, and brings new life to the follicles on your head.
The Juice of an Onion: It’s the sulfur in the onion’s juice that can give your hair the collagen proteins it needs to grow.
Apple Cider Vinegar: This treatment works by preventing infection, keeping dandruff at bay, and speeding up the growth of your hair.
Eggs: An egg mask for your hair can give you tons of proteins and essential nutrients.

Green Tea: This antioxidant-rich treatment can be taken internally or externally.
Vitamin E Oil: The antioxidants found in vitamin E oil can eliminate free radicals in your body, while also stimulating hair growth.
Coconut Milk: Applying the milk from a coconut to your scalp for 2 hours can give your hair iron, necessary fats, protein, and potassium it needs.
Potato Juice: The juice from a potato is great for strengthening hair.
Fenugreek: This also speeds up hair growth.
Henna: This natural conditioner gives hair softness and smoothness.
Banana and Honey: This combo can really moisturize your hair.

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