Get Thick Hair Now: Treatment with Vitamins and Home Remedies

Get Thick Hair Now: Treatment with Vitamins and Home RemediesThick hair is the envy of everyone else. Often times, we can be engaging in simple bad habits that can cause hair to become thinner, look damaged, and perhaps even break off more often than is normal. Believe it or not, that can all be easily changed. Here, we will give you some hints about home remedies, vitamins, and simple changes you can employ to see thicker and healthier hair, fast. Start these today and you hair will look glorious in no time.

Sometimes, vitamin deficiencies can harm your hair. Some vitamins are associated with thicker, healthier, more beautiful hair. Try to add more Vitamin A to your diet. This vitamin helps to control the production of natural substances that keeps your hair moisturized. Add more eggs, fish oil, dark, leafy vegetables, and colorful fruits (in red, orange, and yellow) to your diet. Consider adding B-complex vitamins, like biotin, folic acid, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and thiamine to your diet. Lastly, purchase zinc, sulfur, and beta-carotene. These substances help your body to produce new hair follicles and also reduce scalp inflammation.

Home Remedies
Try using a variety of natural oils as massage oils to promote blood flow to your scalp and stimulate hair follicles. Try olive, gooseberry, rosemary, lavender, wheat germ, or almond oil. Massage your scalp for a half hour before your bath. Or, try to brush your hair (only when it is dry) more often and gently to distribute natural oils. Add more green tea to your diet through supplements or by drinking it. In this way, you can help prevent free radicals that harm your scalp. Or, rub Aloe Vera onto your scalp to make it appear more full-bodied.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Hair
The most powerful way to make your hair more lustrous is by changing your diet and lifestyle. Add more protein to your diet by eating more eggs, fish, liver, yogurt, soy, beans, and legumes. Avoid crash dieting. Make an appointment for a regular trim. Wash your hair every other day with milder, natural shampoos. You may want to add cardio to your workout routine to help increase blood flow to the scalp and other areas. Lastly, be sure to treat your hair well. Do not style using harsh chemicals or heat. And, when you do, only do it on a special occasion, and not on a regular basis.

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