Gallbladder Stones: Symptoms, Causes and Best Home Remedies

Gallbladder Stones: Symptoms, Causes and Best Home RemediesWhat You Should Know about Gallbladder Stones
Gallbladder stones are truly some of the most painful stones that you could ever have in your body, primarily because of their size and location. They are basically made out of the concretion that is created within the binary tract of your Gallbladder, which is also referred to by its technical term Cholelithiasis. Cholesterol combines with a bile pigment that is basically harened to the point of forming tiny stone particles. The size of it can truly vary in a lot of different ways, even escalating to the size of a golf ball.

Identifying the Two Types
One type of stone is known as a cholesterol stone, which is created by your cholesterol hardening. In most cases, cholesterol stones are yellowish green. On the other hand, there are also pigment stones that are very rare and due to a pigment bilirubin. When compared to cholesterol stones, they are usually much smaller in size and darker when it comes to color as well.

Where Are They Located?
Gallbladder stones are located within your Gallbladder, which is an organ that is found directly underneath the liver. It is primarily used to store the bile juice which is secreted and then released towards a person’s small intestine once the food has entered. The bile is then produced within the liver. When Gallbladder stones are introduced into the equation, they can actually cause the Gallbladder to stop functioning properly.

Identifying Key Symptoms
There are several common symptoms that are associated with Gallbladder stones. For instance, an overall sense of uneasiness, nausea and discomfort is an automatic sign. A person may also experience minor cases of jaundice as a symptom and suffer from immense pain between their shoulder blades. Regular indigestion as well as intense back and abdominal pain are also common symptoms as well.

What Are Some Home Remedies?
Many people are not aware that there are quite a few home remedies that are perfect for Gallbladder stones. For instance, fibrous foods in general are perfect. Drinking apple juice along with apple cider vinegar can relieve the pain. Artichokes are effective prevention tools that will stop these tones from forming as well as anything that has Vitamin C. You can also overcome these stones by drinking cucumber juice with a little honey at least twice a day in addition to a well-balanced diet that consists of other fruits and vegetables.

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