Easy Ways to Remove Hair Split Ends on Your Own: Home Remedies

Easy Ways to Remove Hair Split Ends on Your Own: Home RemediesManaging a gorgeous head of head can be a real headache sometimes. Besides the time commitment of going to a hairdresser and then waiting for your appointment, there is also the cost. Not everything has to be done by a professional, and with a few quick tips, you will be able to remedy your split ends by yourself!

What causes split ends?
Split ends are the result of our hair losing its protective outer coating. Many different factors can lead to this happening. The primary factor for people is usually a lack of vitamin E, which causes hair to become limp and dry. In addition, moisture in the atmosphere can cause damage. Besides minerals and climate, some hair products can quicken the formation of split ends. Finally, pollutions and chemicals can cause damage. So, how can we fix our split ends without cutting them out?

Using a mask to fix split ends.
One popular way of rectifying split ends by yourself is by using a mask that you put over your hair. These can come in several varieties, and can be bought in stores. In addition, you can also create them using every day ingredients you can easily find in your house. These include mixing together various amounts of honey, olive oil, egg, and avocado. Remedies including mixing avocado with olive oil, egg with olive oil, and honey with olive oil.Taking about three tablespoons of each, mix together thoroughly in a bowl and then apply. Wait for about a half an hour before removing. Removal can be done with water and a mild soap.

Addressing split ends with a pack.
Another popular method for addressing split ends is to mix several ingredients that are applied only to the area where split ends are occurring as opposed to all of your hair. Popular pack methods include a beer hair treatment, papaya treatment, banana treatment, and honey treatment. All of these methods include mixing the ingredients together before application, with a half hour wait period before lightly rinsing.

What is the best method for me?
Hair is as unique as people. As a result, your best bet is to try several of these techniques to find what works best for you. Split ends can be a problem, but they don’t have to cost you. The next time they happen, take matters into your own hands!

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