Causes, Symptopms and Top Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack

Causes, Symptopms and Top Ways to Avoid a Heart AttackAll of us are inadvertently learns of another case of myocardial among friends. The heart problems already complain even thirty-somethings! Blame it on our way of life – too much work and do not have the time or the healthy food, or for an active holiday. Living in this way, every day getting closer to… heart attack. However, you can stop it.

How to check if you are facing a heart attack?
If you want to check the risk of disease, you need to do your research:

Cholesterol levels – general not exceed 200 mg / dl, the Bad (LDL) – not more than 130 mg / dl, good (HDL) – At least 45 mg / dl.
Blood pressure – the maximum score is 139/89 mm / Hg.
Triglyceride levels up to 150 mg / dl.

The results do not fit the norm? This means that you are at elevated risk of heart attack. They can be reduced. Take medications prescribed by a doctor and live out a new plan.

Change your diet. Share a plate into 4 parts: take on the dish protein (such as fish or lean meat), one for potatoes, rice or pasta, and the other two on the vegetables. That is how should look your three meals a day. During the two remaining eat fruits or vegetables. This menu will help you shed a few pounds and lighten the heart.

Enter the physical activity to the calendar. Start with the daily half-hour walk, then gradually increases the time and pace of walking. Do not overextend yourself, because the sores can discourage you. After a week, look for another type of activity (for example, you can additionally once a week to walk to the pool or ride a bike). Movement helps oxygenate the body and strengthen your heart.

Try to get enough sleep well and long. Good sleep reduces stress so that our heart is stable. If, however, there is still life stress, try to turn stressful situations into a solution for those less demanding.

Also keep in mind about the dangers of cigarettes. If you are a heavy smoker, try to stop these activities. Cigarettes contain many chemicals which can burden our hearts.

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