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Causes, Symptoms and Natural Mucocele Removal - Home Remedies‘Mucocele’ is a blanket term can be used to refer to just about any buildup or dilation of mucus in the sinuses. The ways that a mucocele can manifest vary pretty widely depending on just what the nature of the affliction is, so it would be wise to consult your medical advisor for the best idea of how to properly treat the condition. Mucoceles can take the form of cysts in the oral mucosa, found in the petrous apex, the paranasal sinuses, the appendix and the sinuses.

Cysts of mucous can be caused by varying degrees of trauma that occur specifically within the oral cavity. A couple of the ways that the oral cavity can undergo trauma is through compulsive lip biting or cheek biting, which can be common in people who have various nervous tendencies. Piercings that aren’t sufficiently cleaned often enough can also be prone to develop into a mucous cyst. If the salivary glad is ruptured through accidental injury, a cyst could form. If the teeth aren’t properly aligned, then each tooth could be damaged and cause damage to the teeth adjacent to it and result in cyst development.

A mucocele will always take the form of a sac that is inflated with fluid and may be a pale, bluish color. While the sac is generally completely painless, it can be quite irksome to those who are particularly concerned with their appearance. The sac may appear on the bottom or upper lip, making it not all that unlike a pimple that most would find on their nose or forehead. The sac could also swell up on the roof of the mouth or on the tongue, depending on where the trauma has occurred.

Natural Removal
Thankfully for those who have them, mucoceles will generally disappear all on their own if they aren’t tampered with too much. Mucoceles will oftentimes just spontaneously rupture on their on their own accord without any lasting damage. If you want to take the more direct approach, you could smear honey on the mucocele before going to bed and leave it overnight. Because honey is believed to have strong anti-bacterial tendencies, it will be a powerful fighter against the mucus inflammation. The mucocele may also be pricked by a sterile needle; if done properly and at the right point of its development, this will instantly rupture it.

Causes, Symptoms and Natural Mucocele Removal – Home Remedies
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