Causes of Shaking Teeth: Prevention and Home Remedies

Causes of Shaking Teeth: Prevention and Home RemediesRemoving the jitter: solutions to loose teeth.
The tooth fairy is a fun tale for many children, with the hope of riches following every loose tooth. This does a 180 however when we are adults. Loose teeth are bad. Our teeth should be solidly in place, and numerous Americans are alarmed every year when this isn’t the case. Why does this happen? Well, lets take a look.

The truth behind loose teeth
There is a disease called peridontum. The primary effect of this disease is that it loosens the tissues around our teeth, causing our teeth to shake and move around. As the tissues continue to loosen, the fibers that connect the teeth and muscles loosen as well. If you are concerned that you may have shaking teeth, then rake your thumb and forefinger, and test your teeth! Try to move each one. If any of your teeth move in place, or can rock back and forth, then you may have peritoneum.

What can I do not to get this?
There are a number of things you can do, and even more that you can stop doing to keep this from happening. In the end, the trick is finding a middle ground. A lack of oral hygiene may cause you to catch peridontum. On the other hand, if you spend too much time carefully and repeatedly cleaning your gums, then you may make the tissues and fibers weaker. In addition, if you are whitening your teeth through bleach, invest in a night guard if you haven’t already. A night guard will keep you from grinding your teeth as you sleep, which loosens the tissue and causes jittering teeth. Finally, the best thing you can do it to occasionally floss. Flossing removes a lot of the bacteria that can build up, and eat away at the fibers connecting teeth and muscle. If you happen to get jittery teeth, then these suggestions can be used proactively.

Are there any other ways to help my jittery teeth?
There are a number of additional things you can do, including increasing your probiotic consumption. In addition, numerous oils, including clove oil, mustard oil, and oregano oil can help you teeth directly. Mush each individually into a paste along with salt. Rub along your gums to help kill bacteria. Finally, a last drastic step you can take is to have a liquid diet. Stop using your teeth for all chewing, and give them a break.

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