Causes Of Fluid In Uterus And The Symptoms To Look For

Causes Of Fluid In Uterus And The Symptoms To Look ForCauses of Intrauterine Fluid Accumulation
The uterus in its normal state does not contain any fluid within its cavity unless it is in the state of pregnancy. As you may or may not know, besides during pregnancy, it is a serious matter when fluid accumulates in the uterus. Unfortunately, many women do not know that they have fluid inside of their uterus until it is discovered by a sonogram or if they begin to experience symptoms.

This can result in even more problems. However, it is important to note that women who suffer from intrauterine fluid accumulation may not show any signs. On the other hand, some women do show signs of intrauterine fluid accumulation. They may experience symptoms like a pungent discharge from the vagina, pelvic pain, difficulty breathing, fever, bloating, stomach cramps and loss of appetite.

Regrettably, many women may not think that their symptoms are a result of intrauterine fluid accumulation because the previously mentioned symptoms can be attributed to so many other ailments. Again, this is another issue that makes detecting intrauterine fluid accumulation difficult. Nevertheless, intrauterine fluid accumulation has many causes. Fluid may accumulate in the uterus because of fibroids or polyps. As well, infections and ailments such a pelvic inflammatory disease can result in the uterus accumulating fluid.

Fluid in the uterus can also be attributed to age. As a woman ages, she becomes more prone to cervical stenosis (the narrowing or constriction of the cervix). As a result, many women who experience intrauterine fluid accumulation are also experiencing menopause. After all, it is difficult for fluid to leave if the exit is narrow. In addition, foreign objects like intrauterine devices may accumulate bacteria and cause an infection. Consequently, the infection can cause the uterus to accumulate fluid.

When all is said done, having fluid in your uterus is a serious matter. It can result in a major health problem if it is left untreated. If you are not sure whether or not you have fluid in your uterus then you should schedule an appointment with your gynecologist. He or she will be able to diagnosis your condition and recommend treatment options if necessary. However, it is important to note that you cannot solve a problem if you do not know that you have a problem. Therefore, do your best to be informed by making sure that you are aware of what is going on inside of your body.

Causes Of Fluid In Uterus And The Symptoms To Look For
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  • Olya Burkholder

    Hi Rachael. I’m not sure if you’ll get or if you have stopped checking on here. But, I am going through EXACTLY the same thing right now. It started about 5 days ago. At first I thought it was a stomach bug because the discomfort was kind of spread through out my entire belly. But with time the discomfort became more localized to the ovaries, uterus, lower back, and down my thighs. I’m also getting stomach cramps, gas pains, and feel like I’m either going to have diarrhea or am constipated (and I am neither, as far as I know). I ended up in the ER last night. The doc did an abdominal and an intrauterine ultrasound, as well as a UA and blood work. UA and blood work came out perfect, my vital signs were great. The ultrasound showed that I have some free fluid/blood in my uterus (or the lining, I’m not quite remembering correctly what the doc exactly said). Anyways, I know I am not pregnant because I had my tubes tied 6 months ago, so I don’t think it would be that (and I imagine the doc would’ve learned that with all the tests he ran last night). The doc said that he suspects I had an ovarian cyst (which are common for me) that ruptured but he wasn’t 100% sure. I have horrible anxiety and panic attacks and just cannot rest easy not knowing EXACTLY what the problem is or how serious this can be. I saw your post and noticed that you have exactly the same symptoms. I just thought I’d check to see if you ever got any conclusive results and/or if your condition has become better or completely disappeared by now. Thanks in advance for your response, if you do end up seeing this.

  • Blaire Lockett

    Hum…I had something similar. I ended up being pregnant. I didn’t know until 3 and a half months in from an ultrasound. Docs. thought I had a hernia (gave me a cat scan), had many blood tests done (said I wasn’t pregnant and urine test), said I needed a hysterectomy and perhaps cancer. I knew I was pregnant to begin and they swore I wasn’t. I had a ultrasound also in the first month. I finally went to another doc. who did another ultrasound and 3.5 months and said “oh you look pregnant” and “there is the baby!” Trust your intuition.

  • Angela costello

    I feel that way i had hernia after 5 c sections i thought was that and periods r worse then they were what did u do i have to have a pelvic untra sound i cant sleep have the time what did u do ….

  • rachael

    i been having alot of discomfort with my uterus for the past 3 months. mainly pelvic pain, bloating, frequent urination, back pain, leg pain, all at the same time. everytime i go to the doc they all diagnosed me with different things, first doctor told me my filopian tube was swollen and he doesnt know what caused it, second doctor told me i had a UTI, she put me on antibiotics and the most recent doctor i just saw told me i have signs of fibriods. many time within the past few month i would have irregular bleeding which isn’t my period. I would bleed during sex, sometimes it hurts, i can feel like there is a ball in me…i have to prop my tummy up with a pillow when i lay on my side. its really difficult and stressful running back and forth to the doctors and not getting a correct diagnoses. i usually try to tell them every detail and how it bothers me from working, exercising, having intercourse. i cant stand for long periods, i would say if i stand for about an hr or so my belly bottom starts to swell and feels heavy, sometimes when i walk i have to hold it up to not feel so much discomfort, i have two kids by c-section but thats 7 years ago. i really need answers as to what exaclty is happening to me. just today i had to do a trans vaginal ultra sound. the technician told me and he showed me that there is fluid in the lining of my uterus. it did look like a lot from what i saw. i cant run, cant lift anything heavy, i can barely manage to get groceries from supermarket, sometimes i cant even bring them into my house from the drive way, its interferring with my sex life. half of the time i find it hard to have sex because its a lack of sex drive. its interferring with my work since i have to stand up most times. its hard and i need answers. please if you can help i would greately appreciate it.

  • Fäbienne Börg

    how did you go ? when you saw your period again ?

  • Princess

    Hi I just found out that I have fluid on my uterus. I’ve had several negative pregnancy test. The ultrasound didn’t show a fetus but now my period is late what could it be?