Inflamed Liver – Causes Of And Treatment For Liver Inflammation

Causes Of And Treatment For Liver InflammationYour liver is considered to be the largest gland in the human body. It is necessary in such critical functions as having complex carbohydrates and proteins broken down, facilitating the absorption of fat from your intensions by secreting bile juices, and making it possible to detoxify the body of impurities. Inflammation occurs when the tissue itself becomes inflamed, which can result in enlargement of the liver, as well as severe changes to its functionality.

What Causes An Inflamed Liver?
The most well-known causes of liver inflammation are as follows:

  • Viral infections.
  • Hepatitis A and C.
  • Alcoholic hepatitis can cause the liver to become dangerously enlarged. This is caused by alcoholic metabolites that damaged the liver, due to prolonged abuse of alcohol.
  • Prolonged drug abuse can cause liver inflammation.
  • Being exposed to dangerous toxins or chemicals.
  • Bacterial infections.
  • Poor dietary habits, such as an overuse of fatty foods, and a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, can eventually contribute to liver inflammation.

Treating Liver Inflammation
Effectively treating liver inflammation is dependent upon what is causing the inflammation in the first place. A liver function test will help to determine what the cause is. From there, treatment options can be explored:

  • If acute viral hepatitis is the cause of liver inflammation, slowing down day-to-day activities, while making changes to the general diet, can dramatically improve the condition. The foods should be easy to digest and low in fat.
  • If Hepatitis A or C is the cause of liver inflammation, an anti-viral medication can help matters. The milk thistle herbal tonic has also proven to be effective.
  • Eliminating the consumption of alcohol can improve the condition of alcoholic hepatitis leading to liver inflammation.
  • Changing the drug being used, or eliminating it entirely, can help to ease the symptoms of liver inflammation through prolonged drug use.
  • Water, fresh fruit, vegetables, soups, and similar healthy options are all considered to be essential for flushing out the system, and removing some of the harmful toxins that are building up and causing the inflammation in the first place.

Untreated liver inflammation can lead to scarring, which will severely damage that area’s functionality. The longer one goes without treating inflammation, the more likely they are to develop cirrhosis. This is a condition that is entirely irreversible. This is why seeking medical assistance quickly is absolutely critical to your health.

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