Best Yoga Poses to Increase Height: 3 Top Exercises

Best Yoga Poses to Increase Height: 3 Top ExercisesWhen you sit or stand with incorrect spinal alignment, you are compressing your spine and curving it over, making you appear significantly shorter. This is also not good for the spine as incorrect posture over time can do damage to the spinal column and cause musculoskeletal issues in the back.

Yoga combines stretching and holding techniques, along with special breathing exercises to undo the damage of lower muscle tone in the back, increase muscle strength and get you to hold yourself upright. Overtime, the posture improves and you see the world from a taller, more confident perspective.

The Poses You Can Do for Better Posture
1. Greet the sun

Sun Salutation is a group of poses that are done together to achieve a maximum benefit. 12 specifie poses are done in a choreographic nature to stretch and lengthen muscles and joints along with aiding in digestion. Many who perform sun salutation do so at night and in the morning for best results.

2. Find the Center:
The center position is how where all yoga poses progress from. Mastering Sukhasana will help you have a firm foundation by which to practice the others, aiding in better posture. First, position yourself in an open space on the floor and sit cross-legged, resting one open hand on each knee. Breathe deeply and sit with your spine in a straight, upright line. While you maintain a straight posture, sit firmly on your buttocks while you press out your knees and push them towards the floor gently. With each elongated and purposeful breath, raise your arms gently over your head and then lower them down to the floor gracefully. Do one set of 10 reps.

3. Make like a mountain:
Mountain pose is a great way to gain strength in your arms, legs and maintain good posture. The way to perform this move is to stand upright with your feet firmly planted on the floor together, with your hands and arms gently at your side, palms facing the sides. Breathe in while you put your hands together at the fingers and raise your laced hands and arms up over your head on the exhale. Push your palms up toward the sky and lift up your heels off of the floor. Balance on your toes and try to hold that position for 3 seconds before returning to the starting position. Try and do this 5 times.

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