Best Herbs for Breast Health and Enhancement: Nutrition Facts

Best Herbs for Breast Health and Enhancement: Nutrition FactsThere is nothing wrong with wanting to be healthy and look fantastic at the same time. This can include reducing weight by running or being healthy. It can also include enhancing parts of your body to capture that image you strive for. As a result, natural remedies for breast health and enhancement have been around for ever. As opposed to expensive surgery or dangerous supplemental chemicals, the natural herbs listed below are found in everyday cooking. Lets take a look!

1. The edible tuber with long lasting benefits.
We all know vegetables are good for us, but some can specifically help with breast care and enhancement. The wild yam is one such vegetable, used for ages in reducing complications surrounding reproduction as well as issues developing with menopause. While you can eat lots of wild yam, you can also apply powdered yam or a yam ointment directly to your breasts. The science behind it is that the phytonutrients in the yam naturally stimulate breast growth.

2. The extract of a unique fruit.
Saw palmetto, extracted from a sernoarepens fruit is another option for breast enhancement. Used by Native Americans to treat female problems, saw palmetto has the added effects of reducing and curbing excessive testosterone. As a result, it aids in breast development.

3. A four leafed good luck symbol.
The red clover is another herb that has been used forever and is well known as one of the best breast enhancements. Red clovers contain Genistein, a chemical compound that binds to estradiol in the tissue, connecting directly to the receptors. Because these receptors are known for breast growth, red clover has been a favorite for enhancing ones breasts.

4. A seed from which hope grows.
Seeds are packed with nutrients, as they provide everything a baby tree needs to start growing. Some seeds, including the fenugreek, are well known for their breast care and enhancement properties. Unlike the other options listed so far, fenugreek provides breast enhancing hormones, including proclactin and estrogen.

5. A common herb with uncommon properties.
Fennel has many uses in culinary circles. Outside of cooking, fennel is known to help promote lactation for new mothers as well as enhance breasts. Like wild yam, fennel can be applied directly to the breasts in the form of a powder or cream.

Now that you have a few natural remedies to select, go out and see what works for you. We all have unique bodies, and finding what works for you is the first step in realizing your goals. Good luck!

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