Benefits Of Eating Food Slowly – Advantages Of Slow Eating

Benefits Of Eating Food Slowly - Advantages Of Slow EatingChewing slowly is one of the most common things that parents lecture their children about at the table; while the advice is with the best of intentions, it often falls on deaf ears. Even though it’s usually children who get told to chew more slowly, even adults can be guilty of the bad habit of not taking time to properly masticate. Unfortunately, most people don’t begin to take the importance of chewing slowly as seriously as they showily until serious health issues begin to arise from the bad habit. Not chewing slowly can create issues as severe as a hindered gastrointestinal tract.

Reasons for Fast Chewing
Those adults that don’t chew their food slowly enough may not be entirely to blame for the habit; chewing too quickly could easily come from a lifestyle that’s just too fast and hectic to take the time and consider healthy habits. An extremely packed up schedule can make a healthy lifestyle seem almost impossible, but if the time is not made for it regardless, then you can quickly find that the detriments to their health will quickly outweigh the inconveniences to their schedule.

Any fitness aficionado will testify that the key to optimal health lies in the balance between both physical activity and a well-balanced diet; however, the way that one eats their food is almost as important as the content of their food and how much of it that they eat as well.

Savor the Flavor
Eating food more slowly allows one to savor the flavor of their meal much more than they generally would when simply scarfing it down with reckless abandon. Even if one is to sit down in front of the most delicious meal they’ve ever prepared, all of the flavor will be entirely lost if they don’t slow down enough to appreciate it. There is research that supports the idea of taking at least twice the time to eat a meal than one does normally; by taking twice the time to eat, one is able to savor a plethora of additional flavors and textures that would have been completely lost otherwise.

Better Digestion
If one chews their food more slowly, then not only will they appreciate their meal more, but the food will be much more thoroughly digested and pass through the digestive tract in a much more healthy fashion. The easier digestive passage prevents the occurrence of unpleasant things like heartburn, bloating, and weight gain.

While eating is undoubtedly a social affair for many and potentially difficult to maintain at the most healthy level when one is busy, the benefits from simply chewing more slowly are uncountable. Chewing slowly prevents digestive complications, improves the quality of the meal overall, and contributes to a more picturesque state of health overall.

Benefits Of Eating Food Slowly – Advantages Of Slow Eating
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