Avulsion Fracture Of Elbow – Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Avulsion Fracture Of Elbow - Symptoms And Natural TreatmentWhen an avulsion fracture at the elbow happens, the tendon (or aligament) that is attached to the bone pulls away a tiny bit. This causes a fair amount of pain, but does not usually require surgery in order to heal. In some cases of very bad avulsion fractures, however, surgery may be necessary to help promote proper healing and to prevent the loss of mobility.

Surgery is more commonly needed when this injury occurs in children because it can occur on the growth plate and development can be impacted. For mild cases, treatment consists of putting ice on the area, doing gentle exercises to help promote healing and mobility, and getting plenty of rest to allow the body to heal. Full recovery is usually experienced in around four to eight weeks with proper care. Small fractures are often supported with bandage as well.

Symptoms of an avulsion fracture include pain in the area, sensitivity to touch, swelling, and difficulty with movement. Many of these fractures will heal on their own. However, you should still consult your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms similar to an avulsion fracture. Every injury is different and it could very easily be misdiagnosed if you do not have a qualified healthcare professional examine the area. When trying to heal, rest is one of the most important things to keep in mind. Trying to be tough and ignore the pain will only slow down the healing process and puts you at risk for even more injury. It is also a good idea to try to keep the area elevated as much as possible. This will help decrease and prevent swelling, while helping keep pain to a minimum as well.

Ice is also a good idea to help with swelling and discomfort. As a general rule, apply ice for fifteen minutes a few times a day. However, be sure not to apply ice directly, but instead use a towel or small blanket to act as a barrier between the ice and your skin, unless you have an actual ice bag. A splint or other type of bandage can be used to help prevent extra movement of the injured elbow, this will help prevent accidental reinjure or further injury from occurring because the joint cannot move.

If you like tea, drinking up to three glasses of herbal tea in a day has been shown to help promote healing and reduce inflammation as well.

Avulsion Fracture Of Elbow – Symptoms And Natural Treatment
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