Appendicitis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home Remedies

Appendicitis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Home RemediesAppendicitis: Diagnosis and Treatment
Human beings have a small tube attached to the beginning of the large intestine: our appendix.
Doctors disagree as to the purpose of our appendix but not about the fact that appendicitis is a serious medical condition. Our appendixes can become infected and fill with pus. Why is this such a serious happening?

If our inflamed appendix bursts, its infection can spread into the abdomen; an abdominal infection such as peritonitis can result in death, if not promptly treated. Appendicitis is quite painful and puts those suffering with it through considerable distress.

What causes appendicitis?
Appendicitis is usually the result of an blockage that sparks an infection. Such a blockage could be the result of a unfamiliar substance, stool or a tumor, cancerous or otherwise.

What are the symptoms of appendicitis?
Appendicitis is usually accompanied by a dull pain that first feels like it is emanating from the upper stomach but then becomes sharper and moves to the lower right part of the abdomen. The sufferer will not usually feel like eating, may experience nausea, may feel bloated, may feel pain while urinating, and may develop a fever or swelling around the abdomen.

If the symptoms outlined above occur, it is essential to see a doctor.

How is appendicitis treated?
Appendicitis is almost always treated with surgery: by the time that the relevant symptoms occur, there is danger of serious infection. Though it is possible to take steps that may help to ward off appendicitis.

• Fresh vegetables and fruit contain lots of fiber. Fiber helps us to digest our food properly and may help prevent a blockage, and hence an infection, in our appendix. It is thought that a healthy diet filled with fiber can help rid our digestive systems of unwanted toxins.
• Green gram is also known a mung bean; it is a round bean that is close to the pea in size. Green gram sprouts are available at most food shops, or you can sprout these beans on your own, and contain about 15 grams of fiber in one cup.

• Ingest garlic on a daily basis; it is easily done in cooking or in a broth and is thought to result in warding off infection.
• Cucumber and beet juices, when natural, fresh and regularly drank are thought to help you to keep your digestive system healthy and you free drom infections in your appendix.

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