Amazing Benefits Of Black Tea in Your Diet: Nutrition Facts

Amazing Benefits Of Black Tea in Your Diet: Nutrition FactsBlack tea is interesting. Dark orange or amber in color, black tea contains roughly half the caffeine content of a regular-sized serving of coffee. It comes from the leaves of the shrub referred to as Camellia sinesis, and it brings a number of health benefits to the table. Black tea is also more oxidized than white, green, or oolong teas.

Black Tea Health Benefits
Here are just some of the ways in which black tea can benefit your general health:

• Your cardiovascular system benefits in a wide variety of ways.
• It is capable of helping to prevent various types of cancer.
• It can help to eliminate free radicals in your body.
• It can give your immune system a profound boost.
• Good oral health is maintained, including the prevention of different kinds of oral cancer.
• It stimulates your brain and nervous system in beneficial ways.
• It can aid in the process of digestion.
• It can strengthen both your bones and tissues.
• It is capable of giving you higher, healthier energy levels.
• It has been proven to assist in weight loss.
• It can bring down your cholesterol levels.
• Its antioxidants can make your blood vessels stronger, amongst other benefits.

Skin Benefits
As though the above benefits are not enough to get you excited about incorporating black tea into your daily life, there are a few skin benefits you can take advantage of, too:

• The caffeine in black tea can safeguard you from skin infections, while also keeping your skin free of blemishes.
• Moistened, toasty teabags can be placed over your eyes to reduce puffiness.
• Tea extract can be used to protect you from the sun.
• Black tea antioxidants can help prevent cancer.
• Polyphenols and tannins can speed up skin regeneration.

Hair Benefits
Here are some hair benefits to consider:

• The caffeine in black tea can bring down your DHT levels, which can lead to losing your hair.
• Black tea can actually work as a suitable dyeing agent, as it can effectively get rid of grey hair.
• Taken in moderation, the caffeine in a cup of black tea is actually capable of stimulating hair growth.

Nutritional Benefits
At this point, you should be able to see the many ways in which black tea can benefit your life. Low in calories and sodium, it’s a delicious beverage to enjoy hot or cold.

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