Alcohol Detox – How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol

Alcohol Detox – How Long Does It Take To Detox From AlcoholAlcohol Absorption
Whenever somebody ingests any alcohol into their body, only about twenty percent of all of the alcohol that you take in is taken into the stomach. The remaining eighty percent of any amount of alcohol that you take in is left in the small intestine, where it can linger for an unknown amount of time before being expelled. Having too much alcohol in the system at once leads to alcohol poisoning, and even if there isn’t a major and singular attack that requires hospital admission, excessive alcohol intake over a significant amount of time can cause devastating long term effects.

Detoxification is the term used to refer to the process of ridding your blood stream of the residual alcohol that’s left over from all the drinks you take in. In a sense, you could compare the detoxification process to a shower that your body takes on the inside. Detoxifying will often result in lost weight, elevated disposition, higher mental acuity and a strengthened immune system. While the process is indeed ideal in its benefits, it isn’t always easy.

Time Frame
The detoxification process doesn’t take a relatively long amount of time; only about two or three days should be sufficient to complete the detoxification process. It won’t take an extraordinary amount of time for the detoxification effect to completely set in, and by the time the third day has passed over, the body should have effectively managed to expel all of the residuals toxins from alcohol that’s been consumed within the past weeks. Detoxification time will vary from person to person based on the size of the body and the amount of alcohol that’s consumed on a daily basis, but generally speaking, it won’t be any longer than just about half of a week or slightly more.

Detoxification can be accomplished simply by taking in a lot of water, which will effectively flush out the system and encourage a higher rate of toxin expulsion. Detoxification can be hastened by exercising vigorously, which will actually allow you to ‘sweat out’ some of the alcoholic badness even faster. While the toxins are leaving your body, you want to make the process as efficient as possible by taking in a minimal (preferably nonexistent) amount of alcohol while replacing it with healthy vitamins and nutrients from fruit and vegetables.

Alcohol Detox – How Long Does It Take To Detox From Alcohol
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