5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of GarlicPerhaps the most well-known “benefit” of garlic is a false one, gleaned from fairy tales—namely, that they can help ward off vampires. While that might not be true, there are, nevertheless, some astounding medical and health benefits to be had with just an added dash of garlic to your diet. To name just a few:

  1. Antioxidants: Anyone familiar with the health food scene will be familiar with this term—for those new to the party, antioxidants are commonly used to combat the problems which are caused by over-oxidation, a serious medical conundrum. Garlic, as it turns out, is chock full of antioxidants, and as such, can make for a great health food supplement.
  2. Acne Cream: Along those same lines, antioxidants are also effective treatments for some skin blemishes, such as acne. As such, if you suffer from acne and have tried creams and compresses and everything in between, a little bit of garlic could be just the thing to help you on the way to a clear face.
  3. Weight Loss: With the rise of TV personalities such as Dr. Oz, there’s been a recent surge in the interest in and craze for alternative weight loss supplements. While gamboge and green coffee beans have been two of the most popular and well-known variants, garlic and garlic extracts are yet another weight loss alternative which is gaining steam.
  4. Mosquito Repellent: While it may have been a wives’ tale that garlic is used to keep vampires at bay, there is, surprisingly enough, something of a real-world corollary to this story in that garlic can, in fact, ward off a blood-sucking creature. Granted, mosquitos aren’t nearly as menacing or massively-popular as vampires (after all, no mosquito has been at the center of a young adult paranormal romance series which, rather than bordering on the absurd, proceeds to careen straight off its cliffside without a care in the world) but garlic does make an effective mosquito repellent. This may not sound like much, but given the amount of germs and disease mosquitos are apt to spread, it could be a lifesaver.
  5. Cold Sores: Few things are as minor-yet-murderously-painful as a cold sore. These can be both notoriously-painful and, unfortunately, notoriously-ungainly in appearance. However, garlic can not only help cover up the area surrounding a cold sore, but aid in its eventual removal as well.
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