4 Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For With Regard to Gallblader Problems

4 Signs and Symptoms to Look Out For With Regard to Gallblader ProblemsWe’ve all heard of gallbladder operations, gallstones, bile resulting from gallbladder problems, and so on. None of that sounds pleasant and, to be sure, none of it is. If detected early, however, gallbladder problems can be death with in a quick, effective, and often far less painful manner than if detection comes later in the game. Here, then, are four signs and symptoms to look out for with regard to gallbladder problems.

1. Pain In Your Torso:
If you have gallstones, chances are you’re going to experience some pain in your torso region. Specifically, the area between your shoulder blades and under your rib cage on the right side—where your gallbladder is located. As such, if you feel any pain or tenderness in either of these areas, you’ll want to check with a doctor to see if you have a gallbladder infection, gallstones, or a similar problem.

2. Fatty and Light/Chalky Stool:
One of the most telling signs of a gallbladder issue is your stool. If your stool appears to be either fatty or chalky, you may have a gallbladder issue. Keep in mind that there are a wide variety of ways your stool may appear to look problematic which may actually be benign. For instance, lighter-colored school isn’t always a sign of an issue—stool color is dependent on a wide variety of factors. Likewise, floating stool can be more a result of your diet than an underlying medical issue. However, if your stool is very fatty or is especially light and/or chalky, you may have a problem.

3. Bloating and Excessive Gas:
For obvious reasons, this can be somewhat difficult to discern, and is open to your judgment. However, if you feel especially bloated and have an excess of gas, you may have a gallbladder problem; however, you’ll want to consult a gastroenterologist to ensure that this is the case rather than another ailment or simply a byproduct of your lifestyle, surroundings, diet, etc.

4. A Myriad of Gastro Symptoms:
Likewise, there are a great many potential symptoms which may suggest a gallbladder problem, some of which may seem contradictory. Diarrhea can be a symptom, as can alternating between diarrhea and the fatty or chalky/white stool samples mentioned above. Constipation can be yet another symptom. As so many of these can be symptomatic of another condition, you’ll again want to consult with a specialist before taking further action.

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