4 Best Home Remedies For High Blood Cholesterol

4 Best Home Remedies For High Blood CholesterolBoiled Flowers
This process has its roots in Hawaii, where a tree called ‘Katuday’ produces white flowers. It is said that boiling and eating the flowers, after removing the stem in the middle, can have a counter-effect on blood pressure. It is recommended that a person eat about four to six flowers, after which their blood pressure can be observed to drop about 10-20 in under half an hour. The boiled flower can be consumed just like you might eat a steamed vegetable.

Bananas are another consumable item that are said to be able to reduce blood pressure if they’re eaten in a high enough degree. It’s not required that the bananas be eaten every single hour, on the hour, but there can be significantly positive effects if one makes the point to eat bananas on a simply daily basis. The effects will not be immediate, but after eating bananas daily for about a week or two, the positive effects should become increasingly observable with sufficient time. After the blood pressure has been sufficiently lowered, it would be wise to continue the banana diet so as not to see a relapse.

There are some people that report that taking a moderate amount of cannabis into their system on a semi-frequent basis has resulted in some positive effects on their blood pressure over an extended period of time. There isn’t necessarily the need to have as much cannabis as would make you dysfunctional for everyday tasks, but some report that one hit about twice a day is enough to reduce their blood pressure significantly after only about thirty to sixty minutes.

Water is the most underrated beverage in the first world, and one of the most commonly reported ways to reduce blood pressure effectively. With just eight to ten cups of filtered water every day, you can see yourself becoming not only much more relieved with your blood pressure level, but feeling altogether much healthier and stronger overall. Water will flush out all of the corrosive toxins in your body that could be making your blood pressure subtly higher without you ever even noticing. While taking a much higher amount of water, it may also be quite beneficial for you to exercise frequently and sweat a little bit of the water you take in so as not to become bloated or waterlogged.

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