12 Tips For Eliminating Dandruff At Home

12 Tips For Eliminating Dandruff At HomeDandruff is a skin condition capable of causing varying levels of discomfort, itching, dryness, flaking, and more for both men and women. Rather than let it become a problem, it’s a considerably better idea to determine the cause of your dandruff. From there, you can try a variety of remedies, many of which can be found in your home.

Dandruff Causes And Symptoms
There are several potential reasons for the appearance of dandruff:

• A rise in sebum production can lead to a type of skin eczema that can impact your scalp and other areas.
• The yeast known as malassezia furfur can be a dandruff cause.
• Skin cells forming and shedding in the scalp more frequently.
• Yeast on your skin becoming overgrown.
• Stressors, changes to your hormonal balance, an abundance of oil, or problems with your immune system can all potentially cause dandruff.

Some of the symptoms you want to pay attention to include:

• Visible white flakes on the scalp.
• Noticeable hair loss.
• Itchiness, followed by flaking as you scratch.
• Reddened and/or blotchy spots on other parts of your face or hands.

Dandruff Remedies
There are a number of dandruff shampoos on the market. Many of them work just fine in treating dandruff. However, if you’d like to consider some home remedies, try some of these, which can benefit your hair, scalp, and skin in other ways:

• Apple cider vinegar: This treatment works to eliminate the extra skin that can eventually flake.
• Baking soda: This can work as both a fungicide, and as a way of getting rid of excess skin.
• Fenugreek: High in proteins and amino acids, this can give you a healthy scalp.
• Neem leaves: These can help to soothe irritated skin.
• Mouthwash: That’s right. You can use mouthwash to battle fungus.
• Vitamin D: Increasing your intake of vitamin D can work wonders.
• Aspirin: One of the primary ingredients in aspirin is salicylic acid, which has considerably powerful anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.
• Diet: Leafy veggies and lean proteins can benefit your scalp, and so much more.
• Lemon: The acidic element of lemon can get rid of all that oil on your skin.
• Tea tree oil: This can provide a good deal of relief for dry, irritated skin.
• Aloe vera gel: The ability for aloe vera gel to sooth your skin should always be kept in mind.
• Salt: Simple table salt contains exfoliating potential.

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